C H A P T E R 89 - Hades.

330 Words

"I want to know who it is." My head snapped up, the rope that I had been rolling up nearly dropping back down to the floor. I couldn't deny the fact that this had been a surprise and a half, and I knew that it showed on my face. I was sure of it. But considering the fact that Persephone's face remained blank the entirety of the way, I found that I didn't really care about my reaction. This was going to be one of those days where the conversation between the two of us was going to be brutal, and I could care less. She needed to know where we stood, and I was going to make sure that we were on the same page. "You want to know who who is?" "I want to know who she is." I immediately picked up on the fact that she was far from willing to elaborate further, because she knew that I was we

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