C H A P T E R 113 - Hades.

565 Words

When I found myself standing face to face with Perspehone, I could see that she was more upset than I had given her credit for. The flowers on her head, the ones that had been blooming with hatred, had now started to die. On the contrary, they looked like they were completely disappearing. It was because she was not supposed to be indulging these emotions that she was feeling, and yet, it was exactly what she was doing. I wasn't going to bother reminding her of it, because I knew that once she pushed herself too far and she started to recover from it, her body and mind would begin punishing her and tormenting her. It was the way that things were, and the way that they would always be. "And here you are, to defend her honor. I'm not even surprised." "Yes, Persephone. I am here to defe

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