C H A P T E R 112 - Hades.

871 Words

Upon returning to the Underworld, I was immediately able to pick up on a shift in the air. And what made the situation even more strange to me, was the fact that it was so quiet. Admittedly, it was never really noisy here, but the issue came in with the fact that there was no noise. Not even the constant droning of the gargoyles. Absolutely nothing. It was like there was a warning light that started to flash in my head, a siren that begun ringing in my ears. Something was happening, that I didn't know about. And anything that I didn't know about, couldn't mean anything good for me. But before I allowed myself to worry, I decided that it would do me good to start looking around. If I was able to find someone, then I would be able to figure out what was happening. I found myself wondering

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