C H A P T E R 111 - Dilara.

614 Words

Once I found myself laying on the bed in the room that had once been mine, I found myself beginning to wonder what I was going to do in order to fall asleep, because despite the amount of effort that I was putting into doing so, I just couldn't. I could feel the burn behind my eyelids, but of course, none of that meant a thing if I wasn't able to fall asleep. Even staring up at the ceiling and counting the imperfections on it, wasn't even remotely enough of a distraction. I let out a sigh, unsure of what I was supposed to be doing to keep myself busy. My body was here, but my mind had somehow been left downstairs, and I just couldn't bring myself to stop thinking about what my parents were talking about downstairs. I knew that they hadn't yet gone to sleep, because if they had, they woul

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