C H A P T E R 46 - Dilara.

741 Words

“Do you need to deal with people like him regularly?” I didn’t think that he had been serious when he had said that we were going to close, but it seemed to me that he had been. After the man he left, he had wasted absolutely no time going ahead and putting up the closed sign, and then locking the door. There was still some items left on display, but there was nothing that I could do about that now. I would just need to go ahead and make the new batches. One thing about closing the store earlier, meant that I would be able to finish preparing for tomorrow much earlier. I couldn’t deny the fact that it was odd seeing Hades here so soon. I couldn’t recall a single occasion that he had come here as soon as he had. The sun was still out—and it was going to be out for another hour or so.

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