C H A P T E R 131 - Dilara.

716 Words

I was struggling to push myself off of the ground, finding that it was almost impossible for me to come to terms with the fact that I no longer had the required amount of strength to get myself off of the ground. I was going to end up shooting myself in the foot if I didn't manage to get up and get moving. Just because there hadn't been anything that had caught up to me, didn't mean that nothing was after me. If anything, it meant that I needed to keep moving. Chances that it was still after me, was simply too great, and until I knew whether or not Anastasia managed to find Hades, I couldn't do much else other than to run. After all, what was going to happen when I stopped running for my life? What was I going to do when it became apparent to me that it had not been safe for me to relax,

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