C H A P T E R 130 - Anastasia.

225 Words

Hades was starting to panic. He hadn’t yet started behaving in a manner where I would find myself in the position of questioning his sanity, but I could also pick up on the fact that he was not far from it. I took a deep breath, wondering what it was that would end up pushing him over the edge. I did not want to know with the intention of upsetting him more than he was, but more so that I would know what to look out for. I wasn’t about to allow myself to be caught in the crossfires of his emotions. My own state of mind was already fragile enough, and I simply wasn’t willing to risk anything. Judging by the fact that he wasn’t communicating with me in the same way that he usually would, I felt that it was safe for me to assume that Hades knew what my state of mind was. The only differen

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