C H A P T E R 129 - Hades.

206 Words

“Have you found her?” Even though my heart was something that I hadn’t taken note of since ages, I was awfully aware of the fact that it was aching rather painfully. I felt like I was about to lose my mind, trying to sift through the possibilities of where she could have gone in the time that Anastasia had come to find me. “No. I haven’t.” Anastasia seemed to be just as worried as I was, her eyes roaming around our surroundings in an frantic manner. “I hope that Cerberus has managed to have more luck than we have.” What else was there for me to say? Anastasia didn’t look like she was in any mood to have a conversation with me, and I couldn’t help but hope that it didn’t have something to do with her personal thoughts of me. Even though I was more worried than I had ever been, I

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