C H A P T E R 128 - Dilara.

239 Words

I stopped running, having reached the point where I could no longer breathe, my lungs burning with every breath that I took. I should have stopped a long time ago, but here I was, on the verge of passing out, and now there was nothing that I could do about the matter. I was going to have to deal with this myself. But taking a small break for a few seconds wasn't going to do anything. I would be able to recover and I would go on my way. And instead of just standing still and waiting for my body to recuperate, I continued to walk, putting as much distance between myself and the town as I could. I could hear the blood pumping in my ears, feel the heat as it flooded my face, covered my ears. I took a deep breath, doing my very best to relax, knowing that I needed to be aware of what was goin

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