C H A P T E R 27 - Dilara.

613 Words

When I tried to go back to sleep that night, I found myself incapable of doing so. No matter how much I wanted to sleep, and how exhausted I was, I just couldn’t manage to sleep. My mind was preoccupied with thoughts of what had happened between Anastasia and I, as well as everything that she had said in the meantime. I knew that there was no reason for me to be this worried about everything that she had said, but I just couldn’t bring myself to shake it off. I couldn’t help but wish that she hadn’t come here. It would have been a lot more peaceful for me. “Pull yourself together.” I felt like even talking to myself wasn’t doing the trick I knew that I needed to focus on other things, and that I shouldn’t be worrying about something as futile as a married man, but I couldn’t help mys

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