C H A P T E R 28 - Hades.

736 Words

I stared out at the expanse of the Underworld, and I couldn’t keep myself from going deep into thought about everything that had been happening for the last few days. I felt like everything was falling apart—but I should have known that this would happen. From the very beginning. I had made the biggest mistake that I could make when I had brought Dilara down here. Yes, it had seemed like a good idea at the time and I had convinced myself that nothing bad could come of it, but I had been wrong. Very wrong, as a matter of fact. I had gotten so used to having Dilara down here that I found it practically impossible to function without her. Yes, I knew that I hadn’t spent so much time with her whole she had been here—something that was caused by the guilt that I felt for bringing her here i

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