C H A P T E R 29 - Hades,

731 Words

“I think that you should go see her.” I should have known that Anastasia wouldn’t know when to leave good enough alone. But I guess that this was the sign that I shouldn’t have been foolish enough to ask her to go and check up on Dilara. It was a lesson that I was now going to learn the hard way, and I had no one other than myself to thank for it. “You must be out of your mind.” “I don’t think that I am. Are you scared that she’s going to send you away?” Picking on my insecurities. There was a reason why Anastasia was in charge of the hellhounds. She had a habit of getting you to do something regardless of whether or not you wanted to. She knew that I wasn’t going to give in to her request, and yet, here she was, pushing me to do exactly that. I wanted to tell her to piss off, but

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