C H A P T E R 106 - Dilara.

1771 Words

I had been hoping that I would come to hear more by the time that I ended up inside of the house, but I had been wrong to think that. What made it all fractionally worse, was the fact that there were no lights on inside of the house. I took a deep breath, taking a moment to try and decide on whether or not I was going to put the lights on, or whether I was simply going to go directly up to my room and hope for the best. In the end, the latter of the two options ended up winning. Despite the fact that I knew the house in and out, I still found that I needed to place my hands on the walls and the balustrade in order to guide me on where to go. It seemed like I wasn’t as aware of where I was as I had convinced myself that I would be. I took a deep breath, doing my best to ignore the way tha

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