C H A P T E R 31 - Dilara.

1113 Words

Just as I had known, there was going to come a time when my mother would contact me, and I would be left with no choice but to answer her and communicate with her. II had initially thought that it would take much longer for it to happen, but something that I hadn’t taken into consideration, was the fact that I had been gone for a week, and she hadn’t tried to contact me during that week—to her, it must have been an eternity since she had heard from me. But I, on the other hand, felt like I could take another week before hearing from her. I knew that it wasn’t exactly the nicest thing to say about the situation, but it was all that there was to it. I had barely locked up the café and returned to my apartment when my phone started to ring. I had been so isolated during these last few days

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