C H A P T E R 70 - Hades.

492 Words

Perhaps I had underestimated the intensity of the situation, because I hadn't even been remotely prepared for the way that Dilara was behaving, but I had no one to blame for it, other than myself. I shouldn't have made the impulsive decision to show up here and pretend that everything was going to be alright, when it had been the exact cause of the initial disagreement that had now put me in this situation. Dilara was going to give me a taste of what hell on earth is going to be like, until she decided that this wasn't as serious as she thought it was. Although, I was willing to admit that I didn't think that was going to happen, and if it did, it wasn't going to be anytime soon. "Say what you have to say so that you can leave. I don't want you here for longer than you need to be." If l

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