C H A P T E R 60 - Hades.

1022 Words

There were a lot of things that I could do that didn't involve watching her sleep. For starters, I could have woken her up and made sure that she knew that I was here. I didn't exactly know what there was for me to gain from the situation and by doing that, but I guessed that it would be a lot less difficult to explain an announced appearance than to simply wait around here for her to wakke up. I could only begin to imagine what she would begin to think when she saw me. And considering the fact that I hadn't been around, I felt like it would be safe for me to assume that her reaction towards me was going to be anything other than welcoming. I wouldn't be surprised if she began throwing me with whatever she could find, simply to get rid of me. I didn't even think that any of that would sa

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