C H A P T E R 59 - Persephone.

215 Words

“Have you seen Hades?” “Unfortunately, I have not, your Majesty.” I clenched my jaw after receiving the response from yet another Demon. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, that so many people had managed to go about their day without catching a glimpse of Hades. But I wasn’t as stupid as he believed me to be. I knew that he must have convinced all of them to lie for him so that he would be able to get away from me. It made my blood boil, thinking that he would go to such lengths simply to get out of my company—and the worst part of it all, was that I hadn’t even been difficult today. If anyone had been difficult, then it would have had to be him. But of course, the moment that I pointed that out to him or said it to him, he would laugh in my face and tell me that I was imaginin

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