C H A P T E R 68 - Hades

976 Words

"When last have you gone to see her?" I jumped, feeling slightly startled by the fact that Anastasia just managed to pop up next to me without me even realising it. It just proved to me that I was a lot more distracted than I thought that I was. But hopefully this would pull me out of the daze that was in. "It's been a week. Maybe two." I lifted my shoulders in a shrug, hoping that it wouldn't seem like I was too affected by what she was asking me, when truthfully, the ache that started up in my chest upon taking note of what it was that she had asked me about. It had been eleven days. And although that wasn't nearly as long as we had managed to go without seeing one another before, this time felt a lot different. It was almost like the last time that I saw her, was actually the last ti

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