C H A P T E R 34 - Dilara.

1012 Words

“You know just as well as I do that I would be stupid to agree to something like that.” He lifted his shoulders in a shrug, literally brushing off what I had just said. Even before he started speaking, I knew that he was about to try and convince me of his case, but little did he know that I didn’t actually need any convincing. I just didn’t think that it was right for me for jump at the opportunity. “We’d be agreeing to do this together. Whatever Persephone decides to do in the event that she finds out about this, is something that both of us will face. I’d stand right beside you. And I’d protect you from anything too extreme.” I couldn’t help myself, my head tilting to the side as I watched him. “Are you implying that you wouldn’t have done any of that before?” He turned to fac

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