Second rejection

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Arabella POV I got my second rejection when I was just sixteen years old. I was not old enough to transform yet so I didn't feel the bond or any mate pull. The first happened when I was just five years old. On the very day that I lost my dad. I don't even think about it anymore because the second was the most painful and it hurt me so much more than the first. The pains and hurt from the second were enough to erase the memory of my first rejection. It was Richard's transformation ceremony. Richard is the Alpha's son and he just turned eighteen. A party was being held on his behalf and many omegas were invited from both our pack and other packs because his parents hoped that he would find his mate at the ceremony. As usual, I was not allowed to socialize or interact with anyone because I am the daughter of the rebel leader who challenged the king and got himself killed in a duel. My father was a traitor and now, mom and I are the ones paying for his crimes. I was packing up used dishes, taking them back to the kitchen where am still going to wash them, then I felt something. I could feel a slight shiver in my bones and the hair on my back stood in fear, warning me of an imminent danger. I could have ignored the warning and continued with my work but I just couldn't. I made the mistake of turning to check my surrounding. That's when I saw Richard and his group of miscreants who always find every opportunity to bully me and beat me up. His group consists of his two best friends who are going to be his beta and gamma when he finally takes over from his father and becomes the next Alpha. Then there's the witch, the devil herself Lisa. Lisa has been his girlfriend for years now and she's made it very clear to everyone that she's going to be his mate and future Luna of the silver moon pack. She never passes on a chance to hurt me or turn me to her personal maid and pedicurist. Sometimes during lunch or dinner, she makes me sit on the floor beside her and she'll throw crumbs on the floor and make me lap on it like a dog, making me pick it up with my mouth. She even makes me carry her bag around town whenever she's going for shopping. "As I said earlier, she never passes on a chance to punish and hurt me. She comes up with different methods every blessed day and she makes life so miserable and unbearable for me." Our Alpha sees it all but he turns a blind eye to everything that they do to me and my mom, after all, We are related to the traitor who challenged the king so we deserve everything they throw at us. Everyone in the pack and every other surrounding pack treats us like slaves and outcasts but Richard and his group are the worst, especially Lisa. I turned around to check on my surroundings, then I saw Richard glaring daggers at me, while his friends looked at him in surprise. I guess they are waiting for him to say what I've done this time so they can all pounce on me and beat me up yet again. I don't know why but I felt a certain warmth anywhere his eyes touches on my body. How could he be so angry when his look is so warm on my body?? I wondered. "You traitor!! You witch!! What have you done to me??" Richard asked with a voice laced with venom and anger, making me shiver in fear as I saw his angry look. Without being told I knew immediately that am going to go to bed tonight with broken bones because they are so gonna beat me up. "Richie baby, what has she done?? tell me so I can scratch out her eyes with my claws." Suggested Lisa as she looks expectantly at him. "I feel bonded to this witch. It's like the mate bond is pulling me to her and am sure it's all her doing because the moon goddess would never give me a traitor as a mate." he hissed in anger. Without waiting for further details, Lisa pounced on me and true to her words, she scratched at my face in anger while the guys kicked me all over until I couldn't feel any part of my body anymore. I tried explaining from the floor that I have no idea of what he's talking about but no one paid any attention to my words. Then Richard stood over me, pulled down his trousers, and urinated on me. While he peed on me, he said the words that sent a sharp pain straight to my heart, "I, Richard Doyle, future Alpha of the silver moon pack, rejects you, Arabella Wellington as my mate and future Luna." He said with so much determination, having no remorse whatsoever. I had no idea that he was my mate until he said those words that set's my heart on fire as I felt my heart burn with an unbearable pain that refused to go away. I know that the pain wouldn't go away until I said the words and accepted his rejection but for some reason, the words just refused to come out. I just looked in a daze because I was too weak to say a single word. Richard scowled at me with disgust written all over his face. Then he picked me up like a ragged doll and slammed me against the wall, adding to my pain. "Say it you traitor!!" he ordered with a growl, using his Alpha tone on me, making me feel his dominance as he subdues me. "I, Arabella Wellington, accept your rejection." I said in a tiny whisper but am sure that they could all hear me loud and clear due to their wolf hearing. He threw me back on the floor as they all hit and kick me one more time before turning around to head back inside. They were heading inside when the witch came up with an idea and she said to Richard, "How about we teach her some lessons. She tried to steal my man so I'd love to teach her a personal lesson." she said to him. I couldn't see her expression right now but I know that she'll be smiling her usual evil smile. "Look at her Lisa, she's almost dead. we can't hurt her anymore or we're gonna kill her and upset the king. Have you forgotten that the king warned my father not to get rid of her and her mom??" "I know that and that's not what I have in mind." she said. Next, I knew, I was being lifted and dragged to God knows where. I couldn't even struggle or question them because I'll end up being beaten once more besides I was too weak to do or say anything at all. "Open your f*****g eyes, you witch." Richard growled at me in anger and disgust. "You want me for a mate right?? Well, now you're gonna watch me f**k my real mate." he said with a grin as Lisa sauntered over and straddled his hips, with a huge smile plastered on her face. He captures her lips in a searing kiss, sucking and licking her lips while she grinds her hips on him as she kisses him back, matching his enthusiasm. I watched for some minutes as he touches her in all the right places and she moaned loudly, making sure I know how much she's enjoying my mate. I lay helplessly on the floor and cried my heart out as I went through the worst form of humiliation anyone could ever experience. The tears clouded my eyes and I shut my eyes tightly to stop seeing what was going on in front of me. Although I couldn't see it anymore, but I could still hear the sounds of their moans of ecstasy as they make love to each other right in front of me. When they were done, they fell asleep on the bed, ignoring me completely. I was feeling pain all over and I have a few broken bones but I still managed to crawl out of that room so I can go finish my chores. If I don't finish my chores, the Luna would have me flogged in the morning. As I painstakingly went about my chores, I prayed to the moon goddess for divine intervention. If only my mom would get well, then I could convince her to come with me to a far away land where only humans reside in. A land where nobody knows us as traitors, where we can live a normal life. But mom has been sick since dad died. She couldn't bear to live without her mate and she's been getting worse every day. The Alpha and Luna don't care about her condition because they blame her for not stopping my father when he challenged the Lycan king. Every day, there's an assigned chore for my mom but I always managed to do both our chores and still have time to go to school. I just wish mom could get better soon so we can escape all this physical and emotional torture because it's becoming much more unbearable and it's slowly affecting my sanity. I don't have any money and I don't know how we'll survive if we leave our pack but I do know that it'll be better for us to take our chances out there among humans than to suffer all this pain and humiliation for a crime we didn't commit.
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