The Lycan Prince And His Broken mate

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They met as strangers in a foreign country... Then he found out that she's the great white wolf that everyone has been talking about.... Would he let her go or is their love strong enough to overcome all obstacles...

They were both running away from different challenges and problems, trying to start fresh away from their home. But fate had other plans for the unworkable mates...

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Mom's intrusion
Michael's POV "Hmmmmm, redhead... I guess that's the flavor of Mikky's new week." Mom said with a smirk, knowing fully well that I was trying to sneak my new girlfriend into my room without their knowledge. Dad stood beside her with a stern look on his face. He has warned me severally about my lifestyle but I just can't help it. It's not my fault that I can't be with any woman for more than just a few days. Is it?? They are not my mates and I get irritated with their presence after spending a few days with them. "No mom, she's my girlfriend and I love her." I said in defense because the red head next to me had a mortified look on her face which could only mean that she's offended by Mom's words. If she were a Lycan or even a werewolf, she would have bowed her head in submission and bared he neck open because of mom and dad's aura, I mean, she's standing before the Lycan king and queen. She should be scared as hell but she's only human and she doesn't know anything about us. That's exactly why I chose her as my girlfriend, for the week though. I stopped dating the omegas because mom always used her position as Lycan queen to suppress them and send them out of my life. I mean, she doesn't even let me f**k them. I think she placed a spell in this palace that affects every wolf or Lycan that I bring in here, making them develop a conscience and decide to leave immediately. For f**k's sake, it ain't my fault that I haven't found my mate at seventy nine, is it? Yeah, you heard correctly. Am seventy nine years old but am a Lycan prince that shifts every f*****g day so I look to be in my early twenties. Mom and dad are pushing me to find a suitable wolf and turn her into a Lycan so I can mate with her. But I couldn't find anyone that I'll love enough to share my life and bond with. I've searched for so many years but I just couldn't find anyone that's suitable for me besides I don't want to go through that process because I believe that I have a mate somewhere and I'm going to find her, no matter what. For years now, I've been searching endlessly for my mate but for some reason, I've not been able to find her. My parents are doing everything possible to help me find a suitable match because I have to get mated before I turn eighty so I can be crowned as future king. Unlike average ordinary werewolves, we Lycans do not find our mates easily but we love and Cherish our mates and we value the mating bond and consider it sacred. Our population is far lesser than that of werewolves and we don't follow the same rules and principles that all werewolves follow. As a matter of fact, we only rule over them because we are ten times stronger and faster than them and we have better reflexes. We are faster and our hearing and eye sight are ten times better than theirs. It can take just one Lycan to eliminate a whole pack of werewolves. That's why I keep wondering if the person who wrote down the prophecy had been drunk or high on some kind of drug. I really doubt if that prophecy is from the moon goddess herself because I don't see any reason why the moon goddess would want to deceive the average werewolf with such a lie. The prophecy said that a white wolf that is blessed by the moon goddess herself would defeat the Lycan king and rule over werewolves and Lycans. First of all, I don't see why anyone would want to unseat my father because he is not a bad king. He's strict and ruthless but he always rules justly and he treats everyone fairly, except his enemies though. All enemies of the king never get forgiven because he has a very long memory and he's very unforgiving. Secondly, he's not just a king, he's also a Lycan warrior that trains every day. He's too damn fast and so strong, which makes me wonder how on Earth would an ordinary wolf defeat him. Although I train as hard as he does, I find it hard to keep up with him sometimes. So far, only one white wolf has had the courage to challenge my father. He'd been a very strong warrior in his pack that even the Alpha of his pack feared him. His name is Brandon Wellington. He'd led a bunch of wolves in a revolt against my father. They'd believed that he was blessed by the moon goddess and they believed that he's going to defeat my father and become the king of all wolves. Well, they all got quite a shocker when my father defeated him in combat and killed him mercilessly. In one bloody battle, the king slew all his followers, proving once more to everyone that we Lycans are unbeatable. He'd shown mercy to their families though. He ordered the Alphas of every pack to let their wives and kids to live as omegas in the pack. As for the family of Brandon Wellington, they were worse than omegas, they are to be treated as slaves. Their lives would never be the same ever again. "If I were you young lady, I'll dump his sorry ass before it's too late. He's going to end up breaking your heart. As a matter of fact, I think breaking hearts is actually his hobby, right Michael??" She asked in a sarcastic tone as she turned to look at me with a smirk on her face. Dad stood beside her, smiling in approval as she exposed me in front of my girl that I couldn't even recall her name. I glared at them angrily and turned to explain to the redhead that was standing next to me just now but she wasn't there anymore. She'd left in anger, heading straight to the exit without so much as a second glance. "Way to go, mom. Thanks for ruining my life. Again." I yelled angrily as I turned to head upstairs. "Am doing this for you son. You'll thank me later." She giggled softly as I stumped on the stairs, making me more pissed than I already am. I stopped at the top of the stairs and yelled angrily, "You're such a joy killer mom. For f**k's sake I spent hours trying to get her to come back home with me. Am supposed to be in that room right now having a pleasure filled afternoon. Now I have a date with my f*****g shower, all thanks to you." I screamed loudly as I pointed directly at her before turning around to continue torturing the innocent stairs with my loud stump as I headed to the third floor. My personal flour that am going to share with my mate and our kids when I finally find her. This castle was built by my great grandfather a thousand years ago. He built it like a pack house and it's large enough to accommodate all the high ranked Lycans Lord's and their families. As for royalties, we have our own special wing in the castle that's designed especially for us. The castle has four stories with its surroundings shinning and sparkling brightly because it's being impeccably maintained. The interior looks so modernized and the designs are all up to date and top notch. Mom and dad occupy the first floor. The second floor is occupied by my kid sister, Erica. I have the third floor while the fourth floor is being occupied by our personal maids and other omegas that serve us personally. Which even reminds me, a new omega was added to our domestic staff just yesterday. I need someone to help me out with this huge bulge between my legs that's causing me so much discomfort. Other omegas won't let me have them because they've received serious warnings from mom. But this one is new. I don't think she's gotten the memo yet. She'll be perfect for me right now. I'll go try to charm her with my sweet words and good looks and I pray she falls for it so I don't have to settle for a cold shower. "Don't even think about it son." I heard dad's voice in my head through our mind link. Fucking Hell!! I've let my guard down. I forget to block him out and shield my thoughts. The king has the ability to hear the thoughts of all his subjects whenever they are close by. That way, he'd be able to differentiate friends from foes. That gift would be passed on to me when being crowned king. For now though, all I can do is to try and always block him from my head. "Get out of my head dad." I yelled frustratedly and he chuckled loudly, obviously enjoying my frustrations. "Trust me son, it's much more fun when you're doing it with your mate. You'll feel complete and fulfilled as the bond pulls you two closer. Why not listen to your mom and pick a wolf from any pack. Before you know it, the ritual would be complete and you'll start feeling the bond as she turns into one of us." he urged convincingly. "It's not my fault that I couldn't find another mate, is it. You keep telling me about the mate bond when it was you who took my mate away from me. I ain't choosing any damn wolf as a mate. I want my own mate that's given to me by the moon goddess herself." I screamed loudly as I severed the link and blocked him out before he could say anything else. I didn't bother going to the fourth floor to look for the omega anymore. By now mom must have gotten to her already because am sure dad has exposed my plans to her. I guess you're wondering what I meant when I told Dad that he took my mate from me. Well, here's what really happened. After dad defeated the traitors, he instructed the pack Alpha's on what to do with the families of the traitors. After ordering them on what to do, we moved towards the exit as we made our way to our convoy that's waiting for us already. I could hear the loud wailing and cries from the family of the deceased and I could also feel a burning gaze on me from behind. I made the mistake of turning around to search for the source of the burning gaze. It was at that very moment that I laid eyes on a five year old girl that's seated close to a man, crying. Her mom also lay on the chest of the man, crying her heart out. I looked into the teary blue eyes of the five year old girl whose life is about to be turned upside down. That beautiful eyes that keep glaring daggers at me. In her eyes, I saw something that melted the cold ice around my heart, making me feel a certain emotion that I've never felt for any woman in my whole life. "Love" . My beast Falcon confirmed my thoughts with his howling and jumping as he kept yelling in my head, MATE. "She's our mate Mikky. Go to her. Pick her up and take her with us. She's hurt and she needs us." Falcon continued urging me, pushing me to accept the bond. I couldn't make any move because when I looked down at the man she's moaning for, I discovered that her father is Brandon Wellington the traitor. This is so complicated. Dad must have noticed that am lagging behind because I just stood at the spot and stared directly at the little girl that the moon goddess gave me. Then he'd gotten into my head again and he found out exactly what I was thinking. "I would never allow it. This must be some kind of mistake and it must be corrected right now. She's just a little girl son. She couldn't possibly be your true mate. You must reject her. Am sure you'll find your true mate before you're ready to take over from me. You have to reject her. There's no other way. " he yelled non-stop. When he saw that I was holding back, he used his Aura to suppress my residence and compelled me to follow his instructions. He ordered some of his guys to hold her mom away while they dragged the crying little girl to where I stood. "Say the words!!" dad ordered in a loud voice. I couldn't refuse his order because I was being suppressed by him. "What's your name." Dad yelled at her, making her shiver in fear as she cowered away. I could see her pain and fear but I couldn't do anything to help her. "Arabella Wellington." She said in a cute girly tone that sounded like music to my ears. "Now use her name and reject her," he ordered. "I Michael Angelo. Prince and Future king of all wolves, reject you, Arabella Wellington as my mate and future queen of all wolves." I said grudgingly. She doesn't yet know about mates and rejection. Dad had to say the words and compelled her to repeat them after him and accept my rejection. That was the last time I laid eyes on her or heard anything about her. It's been twenty years now and I still haven't found another mate.

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