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My biggest responsibility in life, to find justice for the 30 missing women all those years.My biggest mistake in my life, is to love a killer of 30 women and killed me too. My biggest turn in life, is to live again in a different body to kill my love who killed me. I slowly opened my eyes and rose from my hospital bed. I turned my gaze to the most important woman to me, my Mom, and smiled to her. "You're finally home, Claire my honey", I smiled sweetly while tilting my head side to side to say no. "It's not Claire, Mom, it's Keith. And it's about time to kill the monster who killed me". ___________________________________________________________________________________________ "We just received the 6th report for a missing woman, left-handed, alert all the officers in the area to be in the look-out for a 29 year-old woman in a flowery pink dress and a white rubber shoes" "Is this the case we were waiting, Sir?" "Yes, and we can't lose the kidnapper on the run for the 30th time. I want you to run on a special investigation on all the 30 cold cases of missing women. Go!" "Yes Sir!" _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Why are doing all of this? Those are all human brains! And those are owned by living people! Living people you killed!" "You can't understand the reason I'm doing this without using the point of view in science. This is something no one else has ever done. Something I discovered and no one believed me. Someone needs to sacrifice for world innovation" "What good would that innovation of yours have? If 30 people have already lost their lives! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Neurocordis. When I got my license on Neurology at the age of 7, I started to discover that the human brain, particularly the left hemisphere, starts to develop a sensitive growing gland deep down our brain after a person's Critical Learning Period is over. This gland stores all our memories since the day the Critical Learning Period of a person is over. And I found the right operation process to safely remove the gland without side effect, resulting to an amnesia. "And now that I know it was you who killed those women for you bullshit experiment? What now?" "I Love You Keith. You know that. But I've spent my life for this, and I can't give up when I'm this far. I just have to take out that gland of yours, and we'll start over again" "No matter how many damn glands you're going to remove, I'll remember you. What you took from me was just a part of my brain, but the anger I feel towards you inside my heart remains" ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I was operated Neurocordis operation once and I lived. I was killed once and I survived. On another body might be, but it's still me. I Love You. You know that. But I've spent years investigating and fighting justice for those 30 women you killed, and I can't give up now that I know what you did. I can't remove anything from your brain to pay back the things you did, and your brain is not enough. You've killled 31 people, and in the next 30 times of your life, I'll kill you over and over again. ________________________________________________________________________________________________
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