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My sense of sight was too dark no matter how hard I try to roll my eyes on all the direction 360 degrees.
"Doc? When will she wake up? Will she ever wake up?", I slowly opened my eyes and was blinded by the light for some moment until I see the surrounding in a blurred vision.
"She will Ma'am. We have to wait for it, but I'm sure she will", I tried and blinked my eyes for a couple of times to get my vision sharper. Sharp enough to figure out where am I. Wiggling my hands and shaking my veins send a tingling pain of sensation throughout my body when I realize needles injected unto my hands connecting to an IV drip brought the pain. 
"You sure about that Doc? Cause we've been having her lie on her hospital bed for two months now and I never saw my daughter move an inch!", the room was all white and gave me the idea that I was in a hospital room. Watching over the tubes from my needle and finding to where it would end, I decided to pull them out and slowly stood from the bed, trying my best to slowly find my way outside the room as I find a slightly opened door which gave me the hint might be the reason why the conversation from outside was louder than it was supposed to be. It looked like someone demanding an accurate answer and a doctor trying his best to pull it off cool.
"Ma'am, I hope you understand, that operating on a brain-dead patient neurogically offers us a success rate less than 1% and your daughter was the first patient of the entire hospital in the country ever performed similar procedure to make it out alive. Now I guarantee you she'll wake up, but how soon it is, it depends on your daughter for we have no idea when she'll wake up", the woman's voice is pretty familiar though. A voice high pitched, but strict and with an authoritative tone. Mom's?
"So we are sure she'll wake up, but not sure when. Which means at worst, she might spend half of her lifespan on that hospital bed. Is that it? Then why aren't you doing something to quicken her recovery?!", Mom has been that way ever since. Now I'm certain she is Mom. 
"Given your daughter's medical records, I don't think it would turn out that pretty long", I slowly made my way outside the door all in my hospital gown and walked barefoot trying to know where the voice is coming from.
"But it could still take long. Half her life at worst, or some months at best. And how many months long are we supposed to wait at best?", I turned right at the end of the hallway to find a man on his mid 20s with a lab gown and a stethoscope tied to his neck talking to a woman in her 50s in a sky blue coat and slacks. There were no other people in the area and it was way too early in the morning. I fixed my hair and wiped my face clean in case I have my saliva on my mouth and on my face. 
"M-mom?", both stopped their talks and turned their heads on me as I see my Mom's face all worry and stressed. I got the chance to see the doctor's manly face as well. Not so big yet not so thin lips, high bridged-nose, arch shaped and thick eyebrows, sharp edged-eyes, and the crescent shaped-scar right below his lips- what am I doing?
"I don't think you'll have to wait for more months", he said smiling and my Mom had her smile ear to ear as she went to hug me. The hospital gown's made of fabric that is way too thick for a cold hospital that the warmth of my embrace felt nice. The doctor went closer to us as my Mom broke from the hug and fixed her hair. I looked down embarrassed by how I could possibly look. I know I am physically fine, but I can't guarantee how devastating my face would look right now. I guess within a look of something that was hit by a disaster and a look of something not taken care of for years.
"Dr. Derren Delhalle, your neurological doctor, but you can call me Derren", he said offering a handshake as I accepted it with a smile. I put up a capitalist smile but my mind was all in blank. 

His hand is way too soft.
"Keith, Keith Vasquez"
"I-I thought we have to expect an amnesia? H-how?", I dropped the capitalist smile I stuffed my face with and looked up to Mom with a confused face yet happy at the same time.

"Critical Learning Period", Mom looked straight to him and I turned my face around to face him not being able to understand what he says and in need for a further explanation.
"She has an amnesia, but having all her memories during her Critical Learning Years all intact. It was developed by a doctor and proposed that when the brain goes to a very complicated operation or the person undergoes the worst-brain accident, which both she experienced, all her memories when her Critical Learning Period was over, will all be erased. That explains why she could still remember her name, remember her Mom and other things such as language. Let's see, do you remember what school you get into College?", I looked to him puzzled and turned to look at my Mom who was hoping I could answer it. I hesitated in answering it and stopped myself from answering for some seconds in case I might get it wrong. But it might be right, too.
"I'm not in College yet. I mean I'm not attending one. Didn't you and Dad decided to send me to training?", Mom's face had her face all mixed with emotions I can't say what. And then she smiled happily.

"She remembers it. How come?", Mom asked and stared back at the Doctor. Even the Doctor struggled and did not know how to put it. He loosened up his tie a bit and that was the time that i realized he was wearing a sleeve beneath his hospital gown.

"How old was she when you sent her to train?", Mom paused for a while trying to remember it before answering.

"10", the Doctor smiled and relieved.

"The she was still in her Critical Learning Period when she was 10. That must be why she could still remember it"
"H-how old are you, honey?", I looked up to remember how old am I and I can't seem to tell.
"I-I can't r-remember"
"And I advise you not to think too often when just woke up. All memories you have since your Critical Learning Years are memories you can't remember while memories during your developing year are intact. That's why she won't be able to say how old she is nor what date is it today, as it is pretty much like a scrambled puzzle piece inside your brain for now. Rather than trying to remember things, I suggest you try to teach her, memories of her you recall her doing, in her stead. I can't assure you those memories will be back. Take everything slow anyway, you woke up pretty early for someone with a major internal head injury, you should rest for now. I'll leave you two to catch-up, I'll get to you every now and then for check-ups.", he just nodded with a smile and left.

He walked straight the hallway and I watched him as he disappeared.

"Your saliva is dripping", I looked at Mom horrified and touched my mouth and on all corners but noticed they were dry. The I just realized from that moment that Mom was just shitting me so I looked up to her who was acting all innocent.


Author's note
Hey guys, thank you for checking this out. It's on its first week, and I am thankful for trying to read this on its fresh days. I'm up for suggestions and comments, and if you have one just comment them down below. Love youuuuu
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