Chapter One-2

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“Are you sure? I might be a long time, you know.” “That’s all right. If I get bored, I’ll find a taxi. “OK. No problem.” The huge building was in darkness apart from the top floor and as Maxine entered her access code on the panel set into the armrest of her car’s door and the high double gates swung open, she pointed upwards, “That’s where my meeting is. If it goes well, it could change my whole life. I could really go places.” Maxine was quite right but not in the way she fondly imagined! She drove around to the back of the building and parked, then got out and straightened her skirt, “Wish me luck,” she said. Melissa smiled, “Good luck,” then settled back in her seat and turned the radio on as her sister walked away. Riding up in the lift, Maxine took a deep breath, “This is it,” she murmured, “I’m on my way.” As she stepped out and walked to the polished doors, she gripped her notes and evidence firmly in her right hand. The doors swung open to her knock and she walked in. The Boardroom was vast, a fifty-seat conference table stretching before her and at the far end; three people sat waiting as two burly, uniformed Security Guards escorted her towards them. “Good evening, Miss Osborne.” “Good evening, sir,” she replied to Andrew Morrison, the only one she recognised. “Sit down, please. This is Ms. O’Keefe and Mr. Crespi, two of my senior Directors.” The two Directors didn’t smile and Maxine grew a little nervous as she took her seat. “May we see your evidence, please?” Morrison asked and Maxine handed it over. As the papers were passed around, the faces of the three Directors darkened, “Is this everything you have?” Crespi snapped suddenly. “Yes, sir,” Maxine answered, “as you can see, it’s quite clear cut.” “Yes, it is,” Ms. O’Keefe confirmed, “Who else knows about this?” “No one, madam. Just us.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, of course. Just the four of us.” “Excellent!” Morrison nodded meaningfully, and then snapped his fingers. “Now!” The two Security Guards reacted like lightning, each seizing one of Maxine’s arms and twisting her slim wrists behind her back, forcing her to bend forward in her seat. Taken completely by surprise, Maxine had no chance to resist and before she knew what was happening, a pair of handcuffs was locked tightly on her wrists. Recovering her wits, Maxine cried, “What are you doing? Stop! Let me go!” but the men ignored her and snapped a second pair of cuffs about her ankles, securing her before she could begin to fight. “What’s happening? Take these things off me!” Maxine wrenched and kicked in her efforts to free herself, but the steel circlets were locked and much too strong for her to break, digging into her soft skin as she fought in vain. “Don’t be stupid,” the redheaded woman sneered, “you can’t get out of those so you might as well shut up and listen while we tell you what we’re going to do with you.” The cold contempt in the woman’s voice sent a horrible chill through Maxine and she redoubled her efforts to escape. “Help!” she yelled at the top of her voice, “Help me somebody! Call the Police!” A hard hand clamped over her lips, thumb and fingers digging into her cheeks, so that her screams died to whimpers of pain. “Much better,” the speaker was Morrison and Maxine stared wildly at him as he smiled cruelly, “if you continue to scream, you will be gagged, but if you’re sensible and keep the noise down, you won’t be. So, are you going to be sensible?” Maxine trembled in despair as his eyes stared at her, and then managed a small nod. He nodded at the man squeezing her cheeks and his grip slackened. “Wh-What are you doing?” Maxine groaned. “Why have you tied me up? What have I done? Let me go. Please?” “I’m afraid we can’t do that,” Morrison replied calmly, “you see, you have caused us something of a problem and we can’t afford to let you go.” “But why? What have I done?” She stared at the three people before her, “You have to let me go. You can’t do this to me.” “Oh, but we can,” Dawnelle O’Keefe said spitefully, “you shouldn’t have been so damned nosy and now you’re going to find out what happens to people who mess with us.” As the redhead glared at her, Maxine shivered, suddenly realising what was going on. “You’re all in on it,” she said slowly, “you’re the ones working the fraud!” “Congratulations,” Dawnelle sneered, “finally worked it out, have you? Yes, that’s right. We’ve got a nice profitable little scheme going here and we don’t intend to let you louse it up.” Maxine’s blue eyes opened wide and she stammered, “Wh-What are you g-going to d-do with me?” Carlo Crespi chuckled, “We’re going to send you on a little trip,” he grinned, “Air freight! Somewhere where what you know won’t hurt us.” “It’s all arranged,” Dawnelle told the frightened captive, “you’ll be going tonight and you won’t be coming back!” “No!” Maxine screamed and fought madly against the steel cuffs binding her limbs, “You can’t! Please, no! Let me go! I won’t say anything, I promise! I won’t tell anybody about the fraud!” “No, you won’t,” Dawnelle was thoroughly enjoying Maxine’s horror, “not anybody who’ll take any notice.” “Gag her,” Andrew ordered and Maxine’s eyes bulged in terror as one of the Security Guards produced a roll of wide, black industrial tape and moved towards her. “Stop!” she cried, “Please!” Then she remembered Melissa. “You won’t get away with this,” she said desperately, “I didn’t come here alone! My sister’s down in the car and she knows I came here. If you don’t let me go, she’ll go to the Police and you’ll all be arrested!” Her last-ditch effort to avoid being gagged failed and as one Guard held her head still, the other lifted her hair out of the way and wrapped half a dozen turns of the adhesive tape right around her head, compressing her cheeks, sealing her lips and hiding the lower half of her face. Maxine whined in futile protest, but could not speak at all and her terror grew as she learned their power over her. Handcuffed at wrists and ankles and now gagged as well, she could do nothing to help herself and her mind reeled to the awful knowledge that she could not prevent them from putting her in a freight container and carrying out their plan. Melissa was her only hope and she could only pray that her sister would call the Police in time to save her. To her sheer, stark terror, Maxine heard Andrew Morrison give orders to the two Guards, “Her sister is waiting in the car park. Go down and tell her that her sister wants to talk to her up here. As soon as she’s safely inside the building, cuff her and gag her then come back up to fetch this one.” The two men nodded and hurried out and Morrison turned to Maxine, “Bringing your sister here was an unexpected bonus for us. She was the only one who would have missed you and raised the alarm. We assumed you’d be alone and that we’d have to go and fetch her from your house. It gives us lots more time.” Maxine whimpered in anguish, realising how carefully the plan had been laid. Unknowingly, she had played right into their hands. Melissa would have no reason to be suspicious and once she was captured and tied up, there would be no one to rescue either of them. They would both simply disappear! Stunned by what had already happened, it had not occurred to Maxine to wonder where she and her sister were going to be sent or what was to be done with them when they reached their destination. That thought was remedied in the most terrifying way as Carlo Crespi suggested a way to pass the time gained by not having to search for Melissa. “She is a pretty girl, isn’t she?” he murmured softly. “And as she’s going to become a slave on Mr. Shimatsu’s island anyway, I would like to see more of her.” Andrew and Dawnelle looked at him, and then looked at Maxine and their lips curved into cruel smiles. “Yes. Why not?” Andrew agreed and Dawnelle nodded, her eyes gleaming in anticipation. The three partners rose from their seats and as Maxine saw the lustful expressions on their faces; she screamed into her gag and shook her head frantically. As the redhead watched, the two men seized Maxine and lifted her writhing body onto the conference table, Carlo pinning her shoulders and Andrew her ankles, holding her face down and helpless. Dawnelle raced to a cupboard and came back with a pair of sharp scissors and as Maxine screamed and fought vainly against the hands holding her, the tall redhead slit up the back of Maxine’s suit and blouse, the material falling away to reveal her pale flesh and the dark blue lace straps of her bra, suspender-belt and panties. “Turn her over,” Dawnelle ordered and as the men complied, Maxine wept in shame as the redhead snipped through the front of her bra and cut the straps of her panties, sweeping the flimsy scraps of fabric aside to reveal Maxine’s bare breasts and s*x. Naked apart from her suspender belt, stockings and shoes, Maxine shuddered as Dawnelle and the two men stared down at her, their greedy eyes drinking in the soft curves of her displayed form. “Mmm,” Andrew Morrison nodded appreciatively. “Lucky old Shimatsu. I wouldn’t mind having her as a slave myself.” Maxine moaned in terrible despair as his words confirmed her fate. As impossible as it seemed, they really did mean to transport her to the Far East, where she would be forced to become a white slave! Dawnelle O’Keefe reached out and Maxine shrieked in futile denial as her defenceless breasts were captured and the redhead’s slim fingers caressed and stroked the twin half moons. Maxine gasped as unwanted arousal coursed through her, but could not stop the instinctive responses of her body as the fingers rose to her tawny n*****s, toying with the delicate buds until the crinkled flesh engorged and stiffened to stand erect and quivering to every touch. Horribly ashamed of her own weakness, but quite unable to resist the insidious arousal, Maxine flushed a bright scarlet as her tormentor giggled with delight, and then sneered, “Huh! A randy little b***h like you will be easy to enslave. You’re already gasping for it and I haven’t even begun, yet!” “It looks as though that’s not the first time you’ve done that, Dawnelle,” Carlo Crespi observed casually. The redhead glared at him and snapped, “That’s nothing to do with you. My sexuality and preferences are my own business, so keep your nose out of my affairs.” “Oh, I’m so sorry,” he apologised sarcastically. “Touched a nerve, have I? Didn’t mean to pry, Dawnelle, I was just impressed with your, ah, technique. It doesn’t bother me if you prefer women to men.” Dawnelle reddened and opened her mouth to deliver a stinging retort, but Andrew cut in before she could begin, “I’m sure Carlo didn’t mean anything by it, Dawnelle,” he said smoothly. “Let’s not argue between ourselves. Not when we have such a delightful captive to amuse us and a second one on her way. Why don’t we take full advantage of our good fortune? I have an idea. The Dispatch section uses strapping, doesn’t it, Carlo? Would you mind fetching some up?” Carlo chuckled and let go of Maxine’s shoulders, then hurried out. Andrew stood back, “No need to hold her anymore,” he said to Dawnelle. “She’s not going anywhere,” and he lit a cigarette calmly. On the Conference table, Maxine sobbed bitterly as she tried to come to terms with the shocking callousness of what had been done to her and the terrors, which still lay ahead. With a convulsive wriggle, she managed to roll over, but her effort to hide her nakedness came to nothing as Dawnelle picked up the scissors and proceeded to slice the ragged remains of Maxine’s once-smart suit from her body, stripping the handcuffed blonde down to suspender belt, stockings and shoes and chuckling, “I’ll leave her those. She’s more naked with them.” It was true and Maxine trembled wildly, knowing that the little she still wore only emphasised her nudity and the picture of helpless eroticism she presented. There was no doubt in her mind that her captors were going to take her and her eyes filled with hopeless tears, because there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Even more frightening, was the thought that her torment was only beginning and that, once delivered to Shimatsu’s island, escape would be impossible. As a slave, she would be completely at the mercy of total strangers and she had no illusions about what would happen. Maxine knew she was pretty and was well aware of the desirability of her curvaceous body. Men found her attractive and she had always considered that a bonus. Until she had been bound, gagged, and stripped, her body suddenly the plaything of men – and a woman – who saw her simply as a slave to be used for their pleasure in any way they desired! Appalled by her thoughts, Maxine fought her bondage with every atom of her strength, her muscles cording beneath her sleek skin as she struggled to escape the awful fate looming over her, her body writhing and twisting in a grim battle she feared she could not win.
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