Chapter 1: Strange Place

1114 Words
Without knowing anything at all and what happens right now. It was the moment when I opened my eyes, I realized that there’s a man wearing a black cloth in front of me. He was killing all of the people that are coming towards him with a strange-looking knife. It’s like they’re fighting over something.  I feel scared, I do not want to get caught up in all of this mess. I decided to run away from this weird place but when I was about to do so, there’s another man trying to attack me with a sword. I surely know that I will die but luckily I was saved as the man with the black cloth killed the man instead.  Still, I wasn’t completely sure yet that I’m going to survive as the man wearing the black cloth was staring at me. He looks me straight into my eyes and for sure that the man would kill me as well.  “Who are you? Are you part of the people that are trying to kill me...” That man asked me that question.  I hurriedly answer that question as if I don’t answer it quickly, he will certainly kill me.  “No! I-I am not part of any of this... I don't even know where I am right now.”  This place was indeed strange, never seen this place before and by the look of it, like some sort of ruins. Ancient ruins to be precise. It’s very dark in here and the only thing that brightened this place up was the torch that the man was holding right now.  The man smiled, “Thought so...”  After that, he begins to laugh really hard and I do have the slightest idea what’s so funny at the moment.  “Why are you laughing? Is there something funny I said that makes you laugh?”  “You do not know how you will be shocked in just a few minutes but before that, let me congratulate you on your death and welcome you here... Welcome to the Tower!”  !!!  “Dead? Are you kidding me!”  It can be - there is no way that I am dead. I could still breathe like normal. The man just continued his laugh, it’s like he was just joking with me. I guess it was a joke, after all, there’s no way I could be dead but... As I looked upon my surroundings, I realized that I wasn’t supposed to be here at all. I should be on- Wait a minute, I can’t remember where I'm supposed to be at all or what happened before I got here.  Have I lost my memories?  “That face! You can’t remember anything right… Hahaha!”  “How can you know that I had lost my memories? Are you a psychic…”  The man gave me a sly smile as he answered my question, “Might be but sadly I’m not one, the reason was simple. You’ve already died, that’s why you had no memories of your past.”  He insisted saying that I had been dead and I started to think that what the man said was true. But if it really was true, I still found it hard to believe that I had died. As I even don't remember how it even happened.  “But how can you be sure that I’m already dead?”  “It’s simple. If you are still alive, you wouldn’t be in here at all.” “So what’s this place then, are I in some sort of ruins?”  “That’s enough of a question, you will discover this place on your own. Like the rest of us did…” The man walked away from here but before he did that, he gave me a warning about the monster in this ruin. He said that if I was not careful, I would be killed by the monster and I surely disappeared from this place.  “You will need this more than I do.” The man then throws his torch into the ground.  After that, he was nowhere to be seen as the man vanished in between the shadows.  Monster? There’s isn’t any monster at all-  *Eeeeeee*  Hearing that sound, I quickly grabbed the torch that was on the ground. Is that the monster that the man talks about?  It’s better for me to leave but I had no idea where the exit of this place is if only that man doesn’t simply vanish like that. I could probably follow his trail…  I walk slowly, trying to be careful and also don't want to make any sound at all. I am afraid that if I make a lot of noise, it will attract the monster towards my position. If that happens, it would be very bad.  Thank god that the man gave me the torch, if not it would be nearly impossible for me to see what’s in my surroundings. But still, the light that this torch emits doesn’t cover all of this place up.  There’s still a lot of dark places here… I dare not venture into the shadowy area even though I had a torch, as there might be monsters lurking inside of the shadows. The only best option for me was to move in a straight line, hoping that there would be an exit soon enough.  The sound that I heard before was gone, I guess the monster was near that place. It was a good decision for me to leave that area, if not I probably encountered the monster already and got killed by it.  … …. ….. After wandering about for quite a long time, I reached a dead end as I stumbled upon a wall. This isn’t good, do I really need to explore this place around to find its exit. I was frustrated and punched my fist to the wall. Didn’t expect that it would make a loud sound. *Eeeeee* And there it’s again, the noise that I heard before.  Did the monster already in the area, I didn’t think that it would be so fast to react as I thought I would have some time to leave the area.  *Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!* 
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