Chapter 2: Abomination Creature

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That sound was getting louder and even though I had left the area, it could still be heard clearly. That’s making me think that this monster might be following me already. There’s no way that the monster wouldn’t notice me as I was the only one that carried a torch around here.  As I was still afraid to venture to the shadowy area, I decided to go back from where I came from. There might be clues or a trail left behind by the man from before, as there’s no way that the man would just simply vanish like that. Might have a secret exit around…  *Eeeeeeeeeee!*  I need to hurry up as I have a bad feeling regarding that sound.  After getting back to the starting point, I prepare myself to see what’s on every corner of the place.  And then it happens - My torch fire fades away all of the sudden. Which was putting me in a bad situation. I can’t see anything and the noise that I've been hearing seems to get close to me.  Trying my best to stay calm in this situation, as panicking would just make it worse. Using all of my muscle memories, I slowly walk towards the wall that is supposed to be here. It’s better that I touched something in the dark as it will make me a bit calmer.  As I was stepping slowly, there’s something grabbing my left arm. Thus making me panic and without any hesitation, I quickly swing my fist towards the directions.  !!!  I feel like I hit it, as it let go of my arms.  Suddenly, two red dots appear out of nowhere in the darkness. It seems to be looking as it follows my movement. I realized that it must be a monster and also how I was going to be in trouble soon enough.  What would be more terrifying, to see the monster or not to? Either way, I think it would be good if I could see. As I prefer to fight rather than just to be killed easily by a monster.  To think that the thing that I asked for came true…  Surprisingly enough, the entire room suddenly lit up and there I saw it. A fairly huge monster with red eyes was staring at me. Having sharp fangs, claws and those massive bat-like wings, there’s no doubt that this was a gargoyle.  Yet it was different, it doesn’t have the head of a gargoyle. This one had a human-like head and as I looked closely. There’s wings were made out of humans hands… I nearly vomited but somehow I managed to hold it in.  The humanoid gargoyle growls loudly, it somehow makes my ear go deafen. It charges towards me so fast that there’s no way I could dodge it in time.  Its claws managed to hit my body and knocked me away, it ripped my clothes and blood began to drop to the floor. My mind started to think about the worst possible situation.  -There’s no way out of this, I would die…  As I was to accept my death, while I was looking to the ground. I saw there was a sword lying there. I remember that sword, it was the sword of the man that was trying to kill me earlier.  Without any hesitation, I immediately picked up the sword. Realizing that I still had a chance to survive despite it was rather slim even if I had a sword. The gargoyle was far superior compared to me in terms of power and speed.  I need to make it count, with my injuries...  I only had one strike to finish it all. If I fail, the outcome surely will be my death.  Once again the gargoyles charged towards me. I guess this is it- I bet all of it in this one thrust.  *Shluk!*  Blood begins gushing out…  The sword penetrated into the gargoyle's body. Yet I can’t be happy as I’ve failed. The same could be said with the gargoyle’s sharp claws, it manages to hit me.  *AEEEEEEE!*  The gargoyle growls in pain, I could see that it’s slowly turning into a stone. I pulled out the sword from its body and it was easily crumbled.  I had lost all of my strength as I fell down to the ground. Even if the gargoyle doesn’t manage to penetrate my body, these were still fairly large injuries. There’s no way I could survive as I was only a human.  My eyes couldn’t stay open anymore as they began to get sleepy. What the hell is this place, what actually happened to me, why did I lose my memories? These are the things that are currently in my mind right now.  “I guess I will never know…”  !!!  Suddenly I feel like there’s something happening to my body, the pain is gone and gradually I feel my strength is coming back.  And then, just like that, I was able to sit back on the floor. I then take a look at my body and realize that there’s no wound at all. Despite being able to see my blood on the ground…  As confused as I am, the best thing that I should do right now was to find an exit. I doubt that this place only has one monster, there must be several of them here.  With that loud growls that the gargoyle made before it’s dead, for sure that it would attract the other monsters or worse the other gargoyle into this place. There’s no way I would be able to fight them in a great number let alone one.  Besides, the torches on this place were already lit up. That means it would make it much easier to find the exit like before.  I take the sword with me if somehow I stumbled upon a monster while searching for the exit. I could somehow defend myself.  I quickly search for the exit as I begin to hear some noises…  And luck was on my side this time as I finally found the exit that I was looking for the entire time. There’s a ladder that was looking pretty worn out near one of the walls. I immediately climbed the ladder. 
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