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Aiden and his team continue to work on the BCI [brain computer interface] transplant, they work day and night to improve on the areas in which they fail in the previous attempt, seeing Alexandra everyday, Aiden see his plan of perfect human in Alexandra, with his dream and success coming true through Alexandra, so Aiden get more hopeful and continue to work day and night to achieve the perfect BCI [brain computer interface] transplant, Aiden believes if humans could have computer brain then they will be perfect and still remain humans After three months, Aiden and his team finish working on the new BCI [brain computer interface] chip, after they finish the BCI, the team immediately test it on Alexandra to see if it will work but it fails again, Aiden become down casted, he did not know what to do because all the researches and studies he and his team made they already put it in place while creating the BCI [brain computer interface] chip so he get fed up and confused Aiden thought he could give Alexandra hope of living a normal and proper life again but now since the BCI [brain computer interface] fails again he lost all hope, thinking about how his wife Ava divorce him because he is working on the BCI every time, he thought of really committing suicide this time so he take his car and went into a far bush in the night to kill himself where no one will be able to find his corpse "I will rather die than become a failure" Aiden thinks as he get out of his car after parking inside the bush, he believes after many of his failed attempt on the BCI transplant that he is nothing but a failure, because ever since he was young he has not fail on anything before, even while schooling As Aiden gets down from his car he notice the moon is up and bright that night, Aiden look at the moon for some time and suddenly shout with a loud voice facing the sky "why did you treat me like this?" he shout to the sky as if he is challenging someone, he cried holding the BCI chip transistor himself and his team just work on, he decides to throw the chip away before he commit suicide, but first he thinks he should vent his anger to someone, and to him, only the sky can he get angry with, so he continue to look to the sky shouting and saying many hateful words as if he is talking to someone "why did you hate me so much? Why did you treat me cruelly?" Aiden said angrily "Heaven, you are so wicked, you take Ava from me and make me like this, even the lady I thought I could give hope again you cease her hope" Aiden cried angrily trying to use Alexandra condition to vent his anger “Why? Why? Aiden continue to vent his anger to the sky As Aiden is still getting angry at the sky, suddenly Aiden felt a very strong wind blowing all the trees and everything around him, he is so shock because the wind is blowing really strong, Aiden thinks that the wind start blowing because he get angry at heaven or maybe some kind of power hears him and wants to punish or kill him for what he said, Aiden become so afraid because the strong wind almost take him off ground But he suddenly sees something coming down from the sky like the UFO "isn't that the UFO?" Aiden said trying to see the thing coming from the sky clearly since he could not see well because of the blowing wind, he use his hand to block the wind from his face to see well "what!" Aiden exclaim surprisingly "isn't that Alien's UFO?" Aiden said again, though he believes that Aliens exist but he could never think that they will come to Earth so Aiden is extremely shock to see such thing and he believe he must be seeing things When the UFO reaches the ground, the strong wind stop then the UFO open, an Alien slowly comes out of the UFO, the Alien look exactly like human, Aiden thinks that the Alien is a human being until he sees something like a light sign on the center of the Alien's fore head, Aiden look so stun staring at the Alien without blinking an eye, after sometime Aiden fall to the ground because he could not still believe what his seeing, he has truly been hearing things about Aliens but he never imagine he could meet one in his life The Alien move closer to Aiden where he falls and stare at Aiden for sometime before the Alien say something "we Aliens have been looking for a way to make humans like us so that they will be without any flaws and be perfect" the Alien said to Aiden, Aiden widen his eyes hearing what the Alien said "Aliens also talk like humans" Aiden thinks as his more surprise to hear the Alien speaks, Aiden stare at the Alien like a statue while his still on the ground "I already came to Earth to do make researches about humans several times, to see how we could help humans but we did not find a way to get to them" the Alien said again and continue "We need a person that is capable to help human become more like Alien and in my several visits to Earth I see that we could help humans through you because you also want humans to be perfect without any weakness" the Alien tells Aiden, Aiden look so shock hearing what the Alien said "how did he know that I want humans to be perfect human being?" Aiden thinks but could not say a word "Because it is not yet time and you might not be willingly, we could not entrust this to you, but now you as you have called for us, we are willing to help and make your desires come true" the Alien adds, Aiden is more surprise, he actually want to create perfect human and it seems this is really the perfect opportunity for him so Aiden quickly stand up from the ground "if you are willing, I will give you what you need" the Alien tells Aiden Aiden look at the Alien suspiciously, though he want to create a perfect human but he wonder how the Aliens know about him and his dream to create a perfect human but since his an Alien and Aiden have heard that Aiden have super powers and are also expert in creating new technologies and since he could not even succeed on the BCI transplant, so Aiden immediately wants the Aliens help "am willing" Aiden quickly replies and look to the Alien to see how he will help him The Alien stretch his hand to Aiden asking Aiden to give out the BCI chip transistor Aiden holding in his hands, Aiden quickly put the BCI chip transistor into the Aliens hand, the Alien look at the chip and some kind of powerful light instantly rush from the light sign on the center of the Alien's forehead into the BCI chip, after the powerful light enters into the BCI chip, the Alien return the BCI chip to Aiden, Aiden is just staring at the Alien like a fool "put it into a human brain, then that will take over the function of the brain of that human and it will do everything you want" the Alien said and continue "the human you put this in their brain will be able to communicate with us and we can start to help and make all humans on Earth like us" the Alien said Aiden just continue to stare at the Alien without saying anything "if you need our help again we will come to you" the Alien tells Aiden and enter into the UFO, the UFO close and went up into the sky, Aiden is dumbfounded, he stand transfixed at a spot for some time still looking at where the UFO went to, even after the UFO already enter into the sky Aiden jitter as if something calls him back, he look at the BCI chip in his hand which the Alien gives him and smile foolishly, he smile again as if he wants to start madness then the smile turn into laughter, suddenly Aiden scream so loud “am alive" he scream happily and also shout "thank you" he said facing the direction where the UFO went.
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