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After Alexandra was almost sent to her grave by her sister, she barely survive with the help of Aiden a neurosurgeon, who gets help from an Alien but Alexandra could not become her normal self again because she turn to be half human, half Alien, Alexandra decide to save her world from the invasion of Aliens with her powers when the Aliens come to attack the world likewise dealing with her sister to get revenge

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Alexandra run with all her strength but the men were still after her, as she runs fearfully she suddenly hit her foot on a big stone, she fall down and panic She try to stand up but she could not, she turn and look back at the men who were almost catching up with her but she did not know what to do, so she start crawling in the small bush beside the large river, soon the men catch up with her and capture her, holding her two hands so she will not escape Alero walk majestically toward Alexandra wearing all black with thick makeup Alero's eye lashes are so long that they almost cover her eyes, she look to Alexandra with fiery in her eyes as she gets close to her where two of the men held her tight Alexandra who is already held by two of the men struggle to get away but how could she get away from two strong men Alero slowly bend down in front of Alexandra and use her hand with the long finger nails to caress one side of Alexandra's face, Alexandra shiver and once again struggle to break free but she could not "Darling, you thought I will not be able to find you" Alero said softly staring at Alexandra as if she is a fool then she start laughing loudly like a witch Alero stop laughing at once and her face suddenly wears a wicked look "Everything belongs to me" Alero's face turn stoned as she continues "You will not be able to take them away from me" Alero whisper into Alexandra's ear and smirk "You can take everything, I really don't want any of it, I will go back to Country F and forget about everything" Alexandra pleads with fear as tears rolls down her cheeks Alero look at Alexandra with disdain and smile evilly, she stand up slowly and move away from where Alexandra is been held as if she really consider what Alexandra said Alexandra stare at Alero's back with the hope that Alero will really let her go, this is the person she have known as her own sister since they were young, Alexandra could not believe that the person now is Alero her sister Alero and Alexandra are sisters who play and grow up together since they were young, but when Alexandra turns sixteen their parents suddenly decide to send Alexandra to Country F to study leaving Alero with them in Country B to take care of the company since she is the eldest and for them to also look after her For the last five years in which Alexandra has been in Country F she have always speak to her family, both her parents and Alero her sister, but last year Alexandra notice that she has only been speaking with her sister alone but not her parents, whenever Alexandra ask Alero about their parents, Alero will always tell her they are fine After many times in which Alexandra has been asking Alero about their parents and she always tells her they are fine, Alexandra suspect that something might have happened to her parents "Maybe they are sick" Alexandra has thought and decides to come back to Country B without tell Alero about her plan since Alero will not tell her anything After Alexandra comes back, she gets to know that their parents are dead and Alero did not bother to inform her even when she ask of them, when Alexandra confront Alero about their parent's death, Alero said they died in an accident and she could not tell Alexandra because she is still studying That night, Alexandra was in the house when she suddenly sees men with guns coming into the house, they capture her and take her to a far place where Alexandra did not know, on getting there, Alexandra sees that Alero her own sister is behind her k********g and she intends to kill her Alexandra is confuse because she did not know why her own sister will wants her dead, when the gunmen were still discussing, Alexandra quickly escape and start to run and here she is Alexandra look at Alero's back hoping Alero will let her go since they are sisters "Alero might let me go" Alexandra thinks hopefully "No matter how I think about it" Alero turns to face Alexandra again "You will have to die sweetheart" Alero said angrily with her eyes brewing fire like she is ready to kill Alero move closer to Alexandra slowly "The two of us cannot be in the same earth" Alero whisper into Alexandra's ear like she wants to hug her then she slowly peck Alexandra on the cheek as if she saying goodbye to her Alexandra's eyes open wide with so much fear hearing what her own sister said She thinks that Alero will let her go but she did not know that Alero will really wants to kill her, Alexandra becomes really scared and start to shiver at the same time Alero leaves Alexandra's side as if letting her go, but she furiously collect the iron metal rod from one of the men standing and suddenly smash the iron rod on Alexandra's head "Pah!" the iron rod land on Alexandra's head unexpectedly and Alexandra's blood splash all around Alero start laughing loudly like an evil witch as if she is possessed seeing Alexandra falls Alexandra gasps in pain the moment Alero smash the rod on her head and fall flat on her face as the men holding her release her body then her blood zoom out on the ground "Clean it up" Alero commands the men and went away laughing like a psycho "You and you" a huge one which is the leader among the men called Soul by nickname point to two of the men “Throw the iron rod inside the river and her body too" Soul commands One of the men immediately throws the iron rod with Alexandra's blood on it inside the river and the other two drag Alexandra's body towards the river As they were about to throw Alexandra's body into the big river, they suddenly see a car's flash light coming towards them and they panicked "Let's leave immediately" Soul said fearfully and they all run because could not wait to be caught, they run off leaving Alexandra's body on the ground.

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