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Talia walked the dark lonely trail as she had numerous times. It had been 9 years since her pack abandoned her. She had learned to rely on herself and nature. Never again would she depend on someone else just so they could leave her. She sighed as she reach the forgotten cabin that had become her home. She gathered some wood to put on the fire, she could sense the cold creeping in. She had turned 18 last week and the changes that had brought she was still getting used to. Her parents had been beautiful gray wolves but Talia was a pure white wolf something she wished she had a mother and father to explain to her. Her parents had been alpha and luna of her pack. The night she was abandoned she had went to play in the forest and heard screams coming from her home and she had ran deep into the forest to hide. When she had gained the courage to return home she had found everyone including her parents gone. She wiped the painful memories from her mind. She had been so lost in thought that she never heard the footsteps approaching. She turned around and came face to face with the most beautiful deep blue eyes. Ryker cursed as he ran down the trail. How could his father agree to him marrying that stuck up spoiled ass b***h. He knew the moment he met her she wasn't his mate. He heard a noise and decided to investigate. As he approached the clearing he saw beautiful dark ebony hair. She turned at the sound of him approaching and immediately knew. Mate. Every instinct in him wanted to run up and kiss her but before he could work through these thoughts the beautiful woman screamed and ran inside the old cabin. f**k. He walked up the steps and said loudly "I am sorry I didn't mean to frighten you. Please come back out. I won't hurt you I swear." Beautiful stormy gray eyes peaked out the door. "You promise you won't hurt me?" I swear on my honor as future alpha I won't hurt you. She came out and it took every ounce of self control not to immediately take her in his arms. Mate. The word kept running through Talia's head. Every ounce of her wanted to run into his arms. Get a grip Talia she said to herself. You are wrong. You can't have a mate he would just leave you like everyone else. She looked at the man standing in front of her and asked Why are you here? No one comes out this far into the forest. I am sorry I was going for a run and lost track of how far I had come out. I didn't know anyone lived out here. She rembered he had said he was a future Alpha. What is your pack she asked him? I am the future Alpha of the White moon pack he replied. My ceremony is tonight. Why were you running if you're ceremony is tonight? As soon as I become alpha I must marry a woman from another pack he found himself admitting. Instant anger washed over Talia like a tidal wave. Over my dead body she heard herself say before she could stop herself. She immediately ran inside horrified. Ryker was caught off guard by her comment and before he could respond she was slamming the door. He tried the knob and found it wasn't locked. He opened it and found her sitting on an old couch crying. He walked over and sat next to her. Every part of him wanted to hold her but he refrained. Please don't cry he said.She looked at him and saw genuine concern in his eyes. Is it possible that he could care about her. Could she finally let someone in after all this time. She wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled at him. I apologize for my rash comment she told him. Don't worry about it he replied. That is a normal response to finding out your mate is marrying someone else. Talia looked down at the floor but he lifted her chin. I know you felt the bond as well he said to her. Talia nodded scared to say anything out loud. She knew he would reject her just as her parents had done 9 years ago. The pain of that fateful night still haunted Talia. Ryker could tell that something was wrong. The pain on his mate's face and in her eyes was unbearable. He had to fight the urge to take her in his arms. Talia looked up at him and said If you want to reject me as your mate I will understand. Why the f**k would I want that? She was taken aback by his response. Well didn't you say you were engaged to someone else? Not engaged. It was an agreement between by dad and another alpha. But I refuse to uphold it now that I have met you. I refuse to marry anyone who isn't my mate. He put a hand on her cheek. Never again will you be alone. He slowly kissed her forehead. Talia leaned into him. They stayed like that for sometime before either of them spoke. You are my mate and I will never leave you. Talia gasped at his words. Does he really mean them? She didn't think she could handle the heartbreak of someone else leaving her. Then the words that the moon goddess spoke to her in a dream last night ran through her mind. And unbreakable bond will he your saving grace. What did she mean by that and was she talking about her bond with her mate? She wished the goddess had elaborated. Ryker could tell she was lost in thought. He smiled and ran a finger done her cheek. Talia smiled at him. What were you thinking about? Just a dream I had last night she replied.
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