The Abandoned Luna

arranged marriage
love at the first sight

Ryker knew from the moment he turned 18 that Serena wasn't his mate but because of an agreement between alphas he must marry her. Little does he know his mate is the key to not only his freedom but the freedom of his pack and a tyrants pack.

Talia always thought that she was abandoned by her parents and her pack. 9 years later she finds out the truth. And comes face to face with a tryant. Will she run or face her enemy and save not only her mate but his pack and hers.

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Betrayal Lies and Death
"You know it's a good deal Tobias. You're pack won't survive without our help and I won't provide it without ensuring a marriage between your son and my daughter." "And what if she isn't his mate? You may not respect the old ways but my pack does." "Either accept the agreement or die." "Fine I'll accept but just know if he finds his mate and it's not Serena he will not hold to the agreement. And I won't force my son to marry someone who isn't his mate." "Tobias the old ways are gone. There is no such thing as a mate anymore just stupid teenage lust. Serena will make a strong luna and no supposed mate of his would be better that I can promise." Tobias left the house with a heavy heart. Forcing his son into an arranged marriage was something he never wanted to do and he knew once Ryker reached 18 if Serena wasn't his mate he would never go along with the marriage. Julius was the alpha of the Red moon pack and Tobias was Alpha of the White moon pack. Hard times had fallen on Tobias and his pack and he wasn't 100 percent certain it wasn't at the hands of Julius himself but he couldn't prove it. There was a time when his pack was the strongest pack in the US but now that strength was dying forcing Tobias to make an agreement that made him sick. When he returned home he saw his beta Kyle running towards him. Tobias it's Celine. Tobias took off for his mate before Kyle could elaborate. When he entered the packhouse which was also his home he saw his beloved sitting on the couch crying. He fell to his knees in front of her. Never had he seen her so broken and hurt. He took her into his arms. What happened my love? They're dead Tobias. He killed them both and took their pack. Tobias knew immediately who is wife was referring to. There's only one death that could hurt his luna like this and that is her best friend Jade. Tobias looked to his beta and asked What do we know? All we know is Julius attacked and they were killed and the rest of the pack he forced to join them. Celine stood up and looked at her husband. He knew what she wanted. Tobias looked at his wife and nodded. We will leave right away. Celine could smell the blood as soon as she walked into the small village. She ran towards the packhouse and saw the evidence of a brutal murder but the bodies of her beloved friend and her mate were gone. Talia! Talia! Celine called for her 9 year old goddaughter but there was no answer. She rushed to the bookshelf knelt down and pulled back the rug revealing a hidden door. She opened it and called out as she walked down the stairs. Talia, sweetie are you down here? No answer. She reached for the light and saw that all that was in the room was a wedding dress, a ring box, and a note. She read the note. Celine, Julius is coming. He found out that we have a dire wolf in our pack but doesn't know who it is. It's Talia. Please don't worry about her. We sent her into the forest. She's safe. Please don't go looking for her right now. Please wait until her 18th birthday. Also keep this dress and ring set safe and when the time comes for her to marry her mate give them to her. The magic in these will help for and unbreakable bond between her and her mate. Tears flowed from Celine's eyes. Tobias took the letter from his wife and read it. He called for Kyle. Yes alpha Kyle responded. Take this dress and ring back to our packhouse and secure it somewhere safe where no one will find it. Wrap up the dress so it doesn't get ruined. Kyle nodded and did as he asked. Tobias turned his attention to his mate. We will respect her wishes for now but the moment Talia turns 18 I will tear apart that forest to find her. Celine nodded as tears flowed down her face. Tobias led his beloved from the house and as they headed home he looked toward the forest. Stay safe lil one. I will find you and I will help you avenge your parents I swear on my honor as an alpha. Talia hid behind a tree tears pouring down her face. She didn't know how long she had been hiding but it was dark now. She knew she needed to head home. She stood up and made the trip back to her village. As she walked toward her home she heard the eriee silence. She stopped and called out Mommy, daddy? Anybody? No one came. She screamed louder Mommy!!! Daddy!!!!! But still no answer. They had left her. She had been abandoned but why? Why would her mommy and daddy leave her. She ran back to the forest tears pouring down her face. She fell down and let the pain wash over her. She felt a hand reach for her chin and lifted it up. Standing before her was a beautiful woman. The woman smiled and said hush now child everything will be ok. She took Talia's hand and led her deep into the forest to a old moldy cabin. Talia walked to the door then turned around but the woman was gone. Talia entered the cabin and shut the door. She was alone. As she fell asleep she made a promise to herself. Never again would she feel this pain. Never again would she be abandoned by someone she loved. Never again would she be broken. And with that the little wolf fell asleep. The goddess watched as the little girl slept. Anger coursing through her body and tears running down her cheeks. No body knew the true origin of the dire wolves. Everyone believed that they were a rare breed and that there was a rare blood dire wolf that was blessed by the moon goddess with special powers. It was a story she had made never died. People killed to get their hands on one just from that story alone. She was terrified of what would happen if the truth came out. She looked at the child one last time before leaving and made a silent promise to keep her safe and to protect her until the time came when she could protect herself. Julius returned home from his meeting with Tobias. Serena was waiting for him. She was only 12 and had been left for dead by her pack. Julius never took pity on anyone but something about this girl made him make an exception. Serena stood up when she heard him come in. Did he agree to it? She asked. Yes though he made it clear that if you weren't Rykers true mate they wouldn't hold to the agreement. Anger ran through Serena's body. I dont care who is mate is! Ryker and that stupid excuse for a pack are mine! Julius beamed with pride. We haven't found the dire wolf. We must find her. She isn't with Tobias or any other pack. And she wasn't with her pack when I attacked. Where could she be? I will find her and I will make her my wife. Then we will be the strongest pack in the world and nobody will defy me.

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