Alpha Jack

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   "Sam?" I look behind me and there stood my best friend. "Ginny." I cry. "What happened?" She wonders. "He's my mate." I answer. "Who is?" She asks. "Alpha Larove." She stares at me. Shock in her eyes. "Alpha Jack Larove?" I nod. "Oh sweetie." She comforts me.  "GET OFF HER!" Genelia backs away from me and I could feel that it is Alpha Larove. "Declare yourself!" He orders. "G-Genelia F-Fosters!" Genelia shrieks. "Leave now." And then I am left alone with the monstrosity that is my mate. "I am the only person allowed to touch you. Understand!" I weakly nod. "Get up." He demands. I get up and look at him. He starts to walk back into the Central Ball and I follow. Alpha Larove and I are dancing. Many people were whispering around us about the 'Beauty and the Beast' . "Can I ask you a question Alpha?" I ask. He hesitates with his answer but says yes. "After the third day, are we going to mate?" I mutter. "No, we will wait a few months but that's all you get." I nod and we continue to sway with the music. The rest of the night was awkward. Any guy who tried to approach me had a little meeting with Alpha Larove. I don't know how I'm going to get used to him after the third day. "If you will all go back to your limos and have a safe night." Lady Bellatrix tells us. But when I'm walking past her she stops me. "Be careful Miss Wright." She warns. "What?" I stare at her with confusion. "Your mate, he's bad for you." She whispers. "Well, tell that to the Moon Goddess." I walk away from her.  "Is it true that she's Alpha Larove's mate?" "Better her than me." "But still..." "We can't pity her okay? We have our own mates." "But hers..." "But ours..." "Fine Tabitha! I won't pity her!" "Thank you Monica." Listening to people whisper about you sure didn't help with my self-esteem. I sigh and scoot closer to Genelia. "Tell me about your mate." I whisper. "He's sweet. There's a bit of devil in his eyes, but he's a good soul." She smiles. I smile a bit too. "What about yours?" She mutters. "What about him. He's a stranger." I say. "What do you know about him?" She questions. "His name." There's  sadness in my voice. I get home and all I want to do is sleep. But before I even get passed the threshold my mother stops me. "How was it?" She smiles widely at me. I shrug. "You didn't meet your mate?" She wonders. "I did." I whisper. "Sweetie what's wrong?" She asks alarmed. "He's not going to love me." Tears fall down my face.  "He's emotionless, he doesn't look at me like he loves me. He looks at me like I'm just some girl. He makes me feel inferior to him which I am but, he makes me feel weak. Not like the good weak, but the scared weak." I complain. "Who hurt my girl?" My dad interferes. "Daddy you can't." I warn. "Why can't I?" He gets mad. "He'll kill you." I mutter. They look at me like I'm crazy. "Samantha who's your mate?" Mother questions.  "Alpha Jack Larove." They fall silent. They exchange looks and they both look at me. "Go to bed, Samantha. You still have tomorrow." I nod and go up to my room. I don't bother to take a shower, because I'm taking one in the morning. I get out of my dress and all that stuff and crawl into my bed. "It's alright Samantha." I wake up the next morning around six am. Genelia and I are going for a walk in half in hour. I throw on a sweater, a pair of Nike leggings, and sandals. I walk downstairs and sit down and enjoy granola and greek yogurt. As soon as I finish my breakfast my front door opens and Genelia is walking in my house. "Let's go." I get up and walk with her out my house. "I am going to miss doing these kinds of things with you." She breaths in, I nod. "I'm gonna miss this after the third day." I smile. We walk together in silence and then she starts laughing. "What?" I ask. "You own those shoes?" She answers with amusement. "Yeah, why?" I wonder. "They're just..." She trails on. "They're just... comfortable." I mock. Genelia playfully rolls her eye. "Genelia? Samantha?" The familiar male vice rings through my ears. "Is that Sylvester Rodriguez?" I mouth. Genelia nods. "I saw you guys and the ball last night and I thought I could catch up with you today." Sylvester August Rodriguez used to be Gene and I's best friend. But his parents sent him to some prestigious private school in London. "It's great to see you again!" I smile and pull him into a hug. A floating image of Alpha Larove appears in my head and I immediately let go of him. We talk for a long time about nothing but everything. Not once has Sylvester asked us about our mates. I definitely will not be the one to ask first. But I never said Genelia wouldn't. "Did you meet your mate?" She wonders. Sylvester looks at her and blinks a few times. "Uh, well, not yet." He stutters. We both smile sadly at him. "Guys, I'm fine really." He laughs. I gave him a 'sure but I don't believe you' look playfully. I start heading home after the walk with a large smile. I get home around noon. Yeah, we walk for a long time. The second day of the ball starts in nine hours so I can fit a three hour nap in, can't I? After my very successful nap, I was waken up with a bang. "Get up Samantha Skylar Wright!" My mother used my full name. I shoot out of bed and towards the bathroom running a quick shower. I get out of there in ten minutes and start applying make up and blow drying my hair. I left my hair in loose waves on my shoulders and dart towards my room to put my dress on.  I am breathless. "You have thirty minutes until the limousine gets here." I say to myself and push to finish getting ready. I slide my dress on, along with my jewelry and shoes. I place my mask in my hand and my clutch between my left arm and left side. I look in the mirror. Remembering the man who is my mate, I start to feel self-conscious about my apparel. But quickly I realize I look okay. As I walk down the steps I hear the driver announce my name and Ginny's and hand in hand we rush towards the limo that would take us to our second night of the ball. Our last night seeing our parents.  This time the ball seems more fun. The music is more upbeat and happy and people look like they're enjoying themselves. "You know, I really hoped you were my mate." I hear someone say sheepishly. I turn around and I'm greeted by a boy with light brown hair. "Is that so?" I question. "Yeah, but then I didn't feel the connection so I thought-" "Who the hell are you?" Alpha Jack Larove has officially come. "I-I was just-" Alpha Larove interrupts him again. "You were just what?" He asks threateningly. "I was just l-leaving." The boy answers and rushes away before I can protest. "Alpha was that really necessary?" I question. "Yes, Samantha, it was. You're mine, all of you. Everyone needs to know that if they even talk to you without my consent they will be punished." Alpha Larove sneers.  We dance together on the dance floor for some time. And he does the unexpected. "You look lovely tonight." He compliments me. A bright red blush forms on my face. "Th-Thank you, Alpha." I thank him. The blush was so thick it took minutes for it to go away. I'm so thankful he couldn't seem my face right now; it is deep in his shoulders. But his scent almost made me forget how bad he was. The whole night seemed awkward. I know nothing about him. The point of the ball is to meet your mate and get to know him or her during the three days, right? But Alpha Larove makes it completely hard to get even a word out of him. Even when I do, I feel like I'm bothering him.  "A-Alpha, can I ask you a question?" I toughen up. "Of course, Samantha." Alpha answers "Why didn't you attend in any of the previous balls?" I ask. Alpha Larove stares at me. I feel like the whole ball heard what  I asked and stops just to hear his answer. His eyes travel mine as if he's trying to read my mind. Just like I'm trying to read his. "I guess that, my pack desperately needed a Luna and an heir now and they couldn't wait."  His answer isn't romantic. He's only here because his pack needed him to be. I nod sadly. "Right." I whisper and sadness took over my face. He looks at me weirdly like he said something wrong. But I don't know what's wrong with me. He'll never love me for me. He's a heartless man who kills for pleasure. I'll be lucky if I even survive in his pack for a month! He's a monster. He won't love me.
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