Moving in with him

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I got home and just like yesterday I go up to my room, take off my gown, put on some sweats, and chill on my bed.  She wants to dance like Uma Thurman  Bury me til I confess- My mobile ring. "Hey!" I answer the phone. "Do you like me?" "Yeah." "Skittles?" "Yeah." "Chocolate?" "Of course." "Popcorn?" "Yeah..." "Slurpees?" "Duh!" "Sour Patch Kids?" "Yes!" "The DUFF?" "What are you planning?" "Open your front door." "You're kidding?" "I don't know, open your door and you'll find out." She hangs up on me and as I'm going down the stairs, I laugh. I open the door and see no one. "Gee, thanks Ginny." I say sarcastically. "SURPRISE!" Someone yells. I scream and jump is shock and see my absolute best friend the one and only... GENELIA MARY FOSTERS. She starts having a laughing fit and I playfully hit her. "I hate you." I pout. "I have movies, now get out the way so we can have fun." The night is so much fun. I rather sit around in pajamas all day than go to the ball and be with my mate. As bad as that sounds, nothing beats Genelia. We finish watching The DUFF and move on to the next movie. Clueless. "Cher is my spirit animal!" I joke. Ginny shakes her head. "I prefer Dionne." Genelia admits. I drop my jaw. "Well, Dionne is really pretty. But! Cher is really pretty too." I argue with no point. Genelia sleeps over but leaves before I wake up so that her parents don't get mad. This is my last day ever in my room. I packed up all my stuff a week before the ball. All I have left to do is get ready. For the last day we get our on private limos. But four hours fore that, we get our bags taken away and delivered to our mate's pack. Tradition is that the girl leaves with the boy. And I'm not happy because a certain someone left out key information. "I need to talk to you." Genelia says during the last scene of The Last Song. "What is it?" I ask, starting to worry. "It's about my mate." She starts. "What about him?" I grow impatient. "His pack... um, uh, his pack is from Montana." She spits out. I couldn't respond. "And-And I know we had this plan where our mates would magically be from the same pack. But you know." She continues.  "Ginny?" I whisper. "Yeah, Sammie?" Genelia used my childhood nickname. "Will I ever see you again?" I question. Ginny had tears welling up in her eyes. And she starts to shake her head. "No." She answers. Tears start to fly out of my eyes when I hear this. "I'm gonna miss you." I cry. "I don't want you to." Ginny says. "But we both know that I am." I laugh a bit. "I love you Sammie." Ginny whispers. "I love you too Ginny." Thinking back on the moment brought back all the sad feelings I never wanted to feel. I tug at the necklace she got for me on my 14th year. "Sam?" I hear my father's voice. "Hey daddy." I smile. "You don't have to go." He says. "I do-" He cuts me off. "I don't want you to be mates with that monster! You deserve better!" My father yells. "Daddy-" He cuts me off again. "I'm just going to miss you, pumpkin." He pulls me in for a hug. I start getting ready and you know the drill. But this day seems to be a drag. I'm happier when I can dream about having a good mate. But if I spend forever dreaming I'll never know.  My parents hold a 'Third Day Photoshoot' for me. I get to model my dress and this one is my favorite out of all of them. It's more me. It's soft and innocent. I feel more confident wearing this. I get into the limo and the driver starts to play all of these love songs from the early 2000s. I feel a sense of euphoria wash over me. But it's gone as fast as it comes. I just realized I'll never see my parents again. It is like I'm an orphan now. "Excuse me?" I try to get the driver's attention. "Yes, Madam Wright?" The driver says. "Uh, it's Samantha. But will I ever see my parents again?" I question. The driver is silent. Silence kills. And so does the answer. "Miss Wright? Alpha Larove is waiting for you in the west wing." A young girl tells me. She guides me to a dark room. I receive a tight feeling in my stomach and ominous. "He's in there." Then she runs off before I could thank her. "Wait-" I am cut off by a voice that doesn't belong to my mate. "Sweet, sweet Samantha," The voice soothes, "You've always been dependent haven't you?" I don't know who this person is. The man grabs my waist and I whimper. "Is it true you're the mate of an inimical." The voice says again. "Who... who are you?" I wonder. "You'll find out soon enough, but until then, stay beautiful, love." Then the man disappears leaving me dumbfounded. Who is he? How does he know me? Should I tell Alpha Larove? "Samantha? What are you doing in here? Come on." Ginny grabs me and pulls me to the ball. Once I could get a good look at Genelia I notice how classic she looks. "Genelia, you look spectacular." I awe. "You look grand yourself." She twirls me around. I laugh and then sigh. "We should probably go to our seats." I offer. Genelia whispers a 'yeah' and we walk to our seats two tables away from each other.  "Welcome to the last day of the Mating Ball!" Lady Bellatrix announces. The crowd erupts into the applause and soon enough I join in too. "As you all know, you'll be leaving with your mate today. Girls, your bags have already been delivered..." I start to tune Lady Bellatrix out and my eyes divert to Alpha Larove. He's already looking at me. I blush a little and look back up to Lady Bellatrix who is explaining something. When we're able to get up, I quickly aim to find Alpha Larove and tell him about the man. Then I hear whispers in my ear from an unfamiliar voice. But does he even care? What's he going to about it? You're all alone on this one, Samantha. The voice is quiet and raspy. It's not at all like the man from the west wing earlier today. But why did the girl tell me he's Alpha Larove? He looks nothing like him. Not that I saw his face, but his silhouette, is nothing like Alpha Larove's. When I do find Alpha Larove he's on a phone call and I start to listen carefully to his call. "What do you mean he's free?" "Who let him go?" "He escaped?" "When I get back there you better pray for your life-Samantha?" "I'm not calling you Samantha. Hang up Dean!" Alpha Larove gives me all of his attention. "I'm-I'm sorry for listening to your c-conversation, I was j-just looking for you." I quickly apologize. "Apology accepted. Next time tell me if you're here." Alpha Larove instructs. I vigorously nod and we start to walk back to the ball. I could feel eyes on me, I turn around to see if it was Alpha Larove but it isn't. Someone's watching me. I soon start to worry if I should tell Alpha Larove. I mean what if I don't tell him and the man gets me. Or, what if I do tell him and he doesn't care. What if he has enough to deal with already and my problems are just too small? Okay, I won't tell him. But I still felt like I should. I'm not sure if Alpha Larove notices my dilemma at first. But the thing I suck at most: hiding emotions. "Are you going to tell me or do I have to guess?" Alpha Larove exclaims. My heads snaps to his direction and I give out a confusing sound. "Samantha." Alpha Larove warned. "Well, uh, um, okay I'll just blurt it out. Ready? Okay? Uh, well-" Alpha Larove stops my rambling. "Say it." He sneers. "N-Nothing." I mutter. The thought wanders in my head for the rest of the night. But the night is intense. I somehow get really drunk. It's not like I meant to grab the drinks, I just did. I'm currently rubbing up against some guy. Alpha Larove isn't here so he can't stop me. "Here have another drink." The boy hands me a cup with a devilish grin. I cautiously grab the cup and take a sip out of. I start to feel dizzy and lose consciousness. I wake up but don't open my eyes. Why? I hear punching, kicking, swearing. And all of those things are being done by my mate. "Do not ever touch her again or I'll actually kill you next time." Alpha Larove warns. He quickly looks in my directions. Then when he sees I'm awake and rushed over to me. "Are you okay?" He says, but it isn't heartfelt. "Don't." I whisper. He glares at me. "What?" "Did you kill him?" I ask. "Him?" He points back to the boy on the ground. "Yes, him." I scoff. "Don't disrespect me. You're apart of my pack. You follow my rules. Okay Samantha? You should thanking me, I saved your life and if you aren't grateful I'll find someone who will hurt you, then who'll save your pathetic self?" Then he walks away. Did he just...? Alpha Larove keeps me on his hip for the remainder of the night. I don't get to see Genelia. But I still watch her. Her and her mate dancing and laughing and being all couple-y. I look up at Alpha Larove who's texting someone on his phone. The name is... Esme? Who is Esme? My wolf and I are both itching to find out whoever this Esme girl is.  After I threw up in the bathroom, people start leaving. The ball is over. I'm pretty sure Lady Bellatrix made an announcement when I was gone. "A-Are we going to leave?" I stutter. His pack is all the way in Florida and guess where we are. New Hampshire! "You should change into something more comfortable." He mutters. I nod. He hands me a baggy shirt and some sweatpants. I could tell they were his.  We get in his car and we start driving. I often stare out the window watching the rain slide across the soft, cold glass. Go! Be free! I tell them. The moon was waxing gibbous. New Moon is coming soon. Not every pack does this but my pack has a New Moon celebration on every New Moon. It's supposed to mean, new chances and being able to start over. And I love believing that. The pack house is huge. It has about twelve sections all connecting to what seems to be a Meeting Hall. I'm not sure if Alpha Larove knows I was still awake, but I know he is. I'm not sure if he ever sleeps, but I guess I'll find out tonight, right? The car comes to a soft and easy halt and someone opens my door. "Luna." The man in black greets me. "Oh I'm not-" Alpha Larove interrupts. "You're my mate, Samantha, you're a Luna."  Alpha Larove guides me to our room. If there is one thing I'm certain of, it's that I refuse to sleep in the same bed as him. A monster. He tells me my luggage is in the closet. I head towards it and get out a pair of pajamas. "The bathroom's to your left." He instructs. I thank him and go to change into my pajamas.  When I come back out I see that Alpha Larove is reading, To Kill A Mockingbird. One of my personal favorites. But I'm not telling him that. So  just awkwardly stand there until he notices. "Get in the bed, Samantha." He says without looking away from the book. "I... uh, um well-er, you see-" Alpha Larove cuts me off again. "Samantha, I don't have all night. Get in the bed or sleep on the floor. I couldn't care less."  
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