Meeting Emily

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Samantha Skylar Wright I wake up the next morning to the sudden movement of someone next to me. As I open my eyes all the memories from the past three days come back to me. All those were making me sad. "Good, you're awake. I will have my brother's mate, Emily, coming over to take you to shopping. I took a look at your clothes last night and let's just say, you dress like a fourteen year old girl." He insults me. My mouth is agape. After insulting my dressing sense for a while, Alpha Larove left. He says he has some kind of meeting to go to. I was wondering why I couldn't go with him. So, I get into a shower and did what I always do, dream. dreams are my solace. He stares at me with his perfect eyes. A smiles lifts onto his face and he can't control it. I can't either. I can feel my heart bursting with love. And I'm 100% sure he can too. Because he's that smart. He's that perfect. He doesn't talk. Talking would ruin the moment- "Samantha! Are you in here!" I hear a voice yell from the bedroom. I don't know who it is. But I get the feeling it's Emily. "I'll be out in a second!" I respond. I turn the shower off and rush to get ready. I dried m hair after showering, brush my teeth, and got dressed. "Oh, good! There you are. If I'm correct Jack asked me to take you shopping and his exact words were, 'she dresses like a fourteen year old girl who's in love with Justin Bieber.' And so here I am! But if you're going to be Luna you need to dress better." She greets. I stare at her for a long time. She has blonde hair and vibrant green eyes. Any girl would be beyond jealous of her. She's perfect. "Um-uh, well-I-" Emily cuts me off. "Okay, listen. You're going to love me today. I won't be mean like Jack but I also won't be the nicest werewolf in the pack either." Emily informs. She eyes my outfit and makes a 'mm' sound. I shift awkwardly under her intense stare. "Let's go." She grabs my arm and practically pulls me to her car. "Samantha, we're going to play a game called 21 questions. Do you know what that is?" Emily exclaimed. I shake my head, no. "It's a game where you ask someone questions 21 to be exact. I ask you one question and then you ask me another until we've both answered 21. Plus, if you're going to be with me, you need to speak. Can you do that?" Was everyone in this pack rude? "Yes." I mumble. "Good! Where are you from?" It goes on like that for a long time. She asks me lots of questions, but none are personal. Besides, I'm just meeting her. We finally reach the mall. "Here are the rules. You're pretty. Make sure when you wear an outfit, you don't just wear it. You own it. Let people know you look amazing. Because you do, thanks to me. When we walk in there, head high, chest up, and work it. Confidence is key, Samantha." Emily instructs. I nod. "Speak." She demands. "Okay." I whimper. Emily rolls her eyes at me. "Let's go." I've never been in this mall but everything looks so nice. The stores are very famous designer's stores. Like, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, and so much more. It's like walking into a place full of rich people. "Where do you want to go first?" Emily asks. "There are too many stores, I just can't choose one." I respond. "Fine, we'll start of with Michael Kors, for accessories." She, again, drags me to the Michael Kors store. I look at everything. Taking it all in. This stuff costs so much, and I don't want Emily paying for it. "Emily? Can't we just go somewhere that isn't as expensive?" I offer. "Jack's paying, and we're using a lot of his money. So, chop chop. We're on a schedule." I end up leaving the store with ten purses, five watches, and twenty pieces of jewelry. How rich is Alpha Larove? When we arrive at the Dolce&Gabbana store, Emily gives me all these dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, and shirts to try on. Each time I come out I act as if I'm modeling the clothing. Emily is recording the whole thing on her phone, and we're laughing together the entire time. "Work!" Emily snaps and giggles. I do numerous "model poses" and it's so much fun. She tosses me a pair of blue sunglasses and I try them on. I throw her kisses, and more lips poses. "Okay! Next outfit!" Emily claps. If there's one thing I've learned about Emily, is that she's extremely bossy. I shimmy back to my dressing room and we finish trying all the outfits on. We leave the mall and it is so far one of my best days yet. I haven't had fun like this unless I'm with Genelia. "Samantha?" Emily gets my attention. "Yeah?" I give it to her. "Don't give up on him. He's a real douche. But you don't know him that well." Emily says. Is she kidding me? He's a murderer. "I already know what I need to. He's a monster. It's that simple." Once I say that, Emily frowns and sighs. The rest of the car ride is silent. But it's almost as if, Emily asked to lift the awkwardness because the next thing I know, Emily's lip syncing to Grils Just Wanna Have Fun. As entertaining as it is watching her, I cannot leave her all alone, and I join her at the chorus. Lip syncing so turns into karaoke. Emily and I stop singing when he reach Mare Blood territory (that's Alpha Larove's pack). She gets out the car and starts to walk towards the front doors. "What about the-the bags?" I question, frantically chasing after her. "Miguel! Do you mind getting our bags?" She calls out to a dark haired boy. "That is completely unacceptable!" "Yes, Dean, I know what he's capable of." "And it's your fault that he escaped!" "I'm sorry? Is it not your fault?" "THEN WHO IS AT FAULT HERE DEAN!" "Me? No. You know damn well, I was at the ball. Well, maybe you should've put him under solitary confinement." "Dean, I put you in charge of him. And who are you? You're my Beta. And you need to admit that it's your fault." "No, I'm not f*****g around! Get down here in twenty minutes. We're having a talk. Samantha is that you?" "Hang up Dean!" Before he has time to look at me, I turn around. "I can still see you." Alpha Larove exclaims. I huff and slowly adjust so I can face him. "Hello, Alpha." I greet. "Samantha, we're having dinner with Emily and my brother in three hours. If you want to be on time you're going to have to start getting ready now." Alpha Larove informs. I meekly nod and make my way upstairs. As I walk upstairs I overhear two girls talking. Even though it's none of my business and I don't know them, but what if what they say can give me some information. "I heard his mate's here." "I cannot believe that he faked a mate." "Chels, you know that's not true." "It is. I love him and he loves me. See? Simple!" "You really shouldn't mess with the Alpha..." "I'm not! I'm just opening his eyes to better options." "His mate-" "Blah, Blah, Blah! Morgan you get annoying fast. Goodbye!" I hear heels click on the floor and I scurry around to find a place to go. And I end up going in circles. "Um? Do you need something?" The familiar voice of "Chelsea" ask me. "Oh, uh, well, no but-" She interrupts me. "You're wasting my time. Excuse me, but I need to talk to my mate, the Alpha." Then she flips her hair and walks in the direction I just came from. I sigh and continue to Alpha Larove's room. I arrive into his room and pounce onto the bed and think. Who was she? Did her and Alpha Larove have a relationship? What is she talking to him about? Is he going to accept her and reject me? Why am I thinking about this so much? Sure, Alpha Larove is my mate, but there's no love. Right? No! No of course not! He's a killer, a murderer. He has no mercy. After I clear up my mind, I head to my closet where all of my new clothes were perfectly displayed. What should I wear? I have all these new clothes. There are too many choices for me to choose just one. But somehow I did. When I picked out the outfit, the first thing I thought about was how proud Emily would be of me. But before I could get into the outfit, I have to take a shower. Even though I had one this morning, I've done a surprising amount of sweating today. This Florida weather isn't being nice to me. The dress I am wearing makes me feel so confident. Who knew that clothes could have such an affect on my attitude? But they do. "Knock knock!" I hear the infamous Emily say before opening the door. A small gasp escapes my lips as she barges in. "Chill, Samantha. I knew you weren't naked! Everyone's waiting for you! Jack isn't going to wait for long." Emily informs. She walks up to me and we stare in the mirror. "You look great." She compliments me. "Thank you, but what if it's not good enough. I don't want him to punish me." Emily looks at me like I'm crazy. "One, he won't punish you. Two, I was talking to myself, but you look okay." Emily jokes then drags me downstairs. She does that a lot. "Finally! I was getting to think you were dead." Alpha Larove states. The way he says it makes my body forget how to function because of fear. "I-I'm sorry, Alpha, I didn't know what time you wanted me down." I apologize. I hear a snicker. "You made your mate call you Alpha?" The brown haired man smirks. I can easily tell they're brothers, not only because I was told but because of the resemblance. "Am I not the Alpha?" Alpha Larove growls. "Jack, you're the Alpha, but she's your mate, the Luna. You guys are equal." Alpha Larove's brother points out. "Shut up, Felix." Alpha Larove rolls his eyes. Well, at least there's a name for this nameless brother, Felix. The ride to the restaurant is short and awkward. No one tries to talk. I certainly have nothing to say. I mean, what is there to say? Alpha Larove is driving, I'm sitting in passenger, Emily and Felix are in back row. There is no music playing, so there's nothing to fill the silent void. But if you count awkwardness, then, yes, there's something to fill the void. And I start daydreaming again. Life wis incomplete without him. The way he touches me and looks at me, makes my legs go numb. He treats me like I'm his queen, and he's my king. Everything's so perfect. And with three words, he makes my heart flutter- "Wake up, Samantha." Alpha Larove rudely instructs. My eyes blink quickly and I take in my surroundings. We reached the restaurant. I couldn't tell what it's called because the sign must be on the other side. Alpha Larove gets out the car and starts heading towards the door. He didn't even open the door. So I do. The restaurant is ver chic and clean. One of the waitresses told us that the restaurant means 'apple' in French. We all sit down and just like the car ride, it's quiet and uncomfortable. Then Felix clears his throat. I have a feeling he would be the one to lighten the mood. "So, uh, Samantha-is it? Yes? Okay, er, what pack are you from?" Felix wonders. I hesitate to answer him. "I-I'm from Mid-Midnight Shadow." I stutter. "Really? I've never heard of Mid-Midnight Shadow." Felix jokes. I don't laugh. Instead, I look down and start to sulk. That sure didn't make Alpha Larove happy. "Do not make fun of her." Alpha Larove growls again. Felix shakes his head. "All I did was try to-" Alpha Larove cuts him off. "All you did was hurt her feelings." He rolls his eyes. "It's f-fine." I mutter. Alpha Larove snaps his head in my direction. "No, it's not fine Samantha. You're his superior. He's not getting away with that." Alpha Larove states. "I'm your brother!" Felix furrows his eyebrows. "You're still apart of my pack, aren't you?" Emily has enough of all of this right when he says that. I remember her saying that I shouldn't give up on him, that he's a real douche and that I don't know him that well. I may not know him well, but from what I've seen, he isn't going to get much nicer. "Jack, you need to stop-" He interrupts her. "Me? Stop? Am I the one that hurt her feelings?" His eyes were like storms, waiting for the best moment to take you out. Emily lets out a sound that resembles a laugh, but it's more of an 'I know more than you' laugh. "She thinks you're a monster. Everyone thinks you're a monster. But since I know you, I don't. So if you want to blame this on anyone blame it on yourself, she was nervous because of you, so she looked down, because of you." Emily laid it down. Alpha Larove clenches his jaw. Is it possible to have a muscular jaw? The whole time this argument is going down, our waitress was standing there looking afraid. "You know what we want, Margo." Alpha Larove doesn't break his intense glare on Emily. I mouth 'water' and she gives me a small smile. "You're lucky we're in public, Emily." Alpha Larove sneers. Emily just shakes her head in disappointment. And she says he's not cruel. No one talks for the rest of dinner, we all order our meals and sit in silence. The silence was on edge and intense. Anyone could feel it. Margo comes quickly once we finish, her wanting us out, and us wanting to get out. Alpha Larove and Felix split the bill and we start to head back to the pack house.
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