His Brutal Love


❝Ple.....please ......don't......❞ her tears soaking her dark eyelashes. Her body was shivering under his burning stares. Her breath hitched when his fingers touched her panties and snatched the last clothing on her.

❝Please......don't do this...❞ a hard slap stopped her begging. Before she could soothe the stinging pain on her cheek, she could feel her body tear apart as he slid into her.

❝Ahhhh........❞ She cried out.

❝You are mine!❞ He hissed as he thrust inside her deeply.

This is his love; his brutal love.


Rahan Qureshi was the real definition of devil. A ruthless billionaire mafia king was living his life all of himself without anybody's merely presence; a lonely soul. He didn't even care about anybody or anything. He was not made for love or affection. And honestly he didn't want to.

But it's all changed when she unexpectedly came into his life. Unknowingly to him he just fell into the spell of love with her alluring power of beauty and innocence.

They say love just happens without any warning.

Will she is able to survive in his deathly love?

Or she became the ashes as a victim of his brutal love.

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Chapter 01
Darkness slowly spread all over the town as night began to wear its beauty. Everyone rushed to their shelters. Night welcomed the beauty of black when the town completely painted in the dark. There stood a girl all alone herself at a bus stop.  If there was a beauty, definitely there would be a beast.  Reshmika was standing alone to get a bus after attending her friend Samitra's birthday party. It was the first time she got a chance to attend a luxurious birthday party. So she was more excited.  Samitra and Reshmika have been friends since their first year. Other students were wondering how a middle class girl like her could become a friend of Samitra; a Richie rich hot girl of college. Only God knows how their friendship formed. Maybe Samitra's least interest in studies and Reshmika's brilliance in it led them to a good friendship.  Reshmika was tired as she was standing there for almost half an hour, but to her misery a single bus did not come. She began to worry, if the situation went like this; she could not get her home soon. She could take a cab or rickshaw if she wanted but her mother strictly warned not to travel alone, especially at night.  The day was definitely not hers as per the previous plan her father was the one who had the duty to pick her up at the party but it didn't happen when a sudden meeting came out of nowhere. And second her phone was dead due to the low battery charge. Her mother always scolded her to check on her belongings before going out somewhere. And top of that disappearance of buses. Everything led to one thing, it was a horrendous day for her. Fear started to bubble in her while thinking about all the bad possibilities. She had never faced a creepy situation like this. Her rooted legs started to ache and fresh sweat formed on her forehead. Her tired eyes were looking for any trace of the bus while praying to god but there wasn't any miracle that happened.  If the day was not hers but it was definitely someone else who was following her since she'd left the party. She wasn't aware that she became an eye worthy view of someone. She had been watched by a heartless billionaire who had never taken any interest in anyone. But right now, he was totally on her.  Rahan was sitting in his car looking at her like she was his prey. His emotionless shining orbs capturing her very movements from a distance. His eyes didn't get bored when it was fixed on her beautiful figure. Unlike his friend, he was least interested in any show off like attending big parties. But he had unwillingly attended the party for the sake of his friendship with Sathvik Khurana; the elder brother of Samitra. Anyway, his decision to attend the party was good as he had seen her. Rahan's fingers tapped on the steering as he was counting the seconds. He could hear the tic sound of his watch breaking the eerie silence inside the car where he was sitting like a statue without blinking his eyes even for a second.  Reshmika did notice a car parked quite far away from the bus stop, but she had no idea she became an angelic view of the man inside the car. Her little hope started to fade away as the time was running fast. She could feel bad vibes around her like something was going to happen. She found herself the heartbeats getting faster as the loneliness started to kill whatever strength remaining in her.  Reshmika decided to walk after a little thought. She didn't want to waste the time being staying there anymore. It might be helpful to find public transport in the next junction. Before she was going to step down in the bus stop, she glanced to her surroundings. She was scared, it's clearly evident in her eyes. She keenly observed the shops, people and passing vehicles. It's not a crowded place or anything just few people could see here and there.   She took a right turn after walking five minutes. There she found a few houses on the street. It made her throbbing heartbeats a relief. In case something happened, she could seek their help. Suddenly a motorcycle passed her, making startled at her place. Just as she was turning her head sideways her eyes caught a glimpse of a car slowly riding behind her like an escorting manner maintaining a good distance. She looked at the car properly.  Then she realized something very dangerous to her as it's the same car parked there. And one more thing, it was the same car she had seen at Samitra's birthday party. She remembered well cause it's an eye catching expensive black car with her favorite number repeated as its number. So it grabbed her attention already. Some weird questions crept in her mind such as.  If the car wanted to go, it could go easily as there is no traffic or anything. Then, why is it riding behind her? Is the car following since the party? A shiver crawled upon her already frightened state as the reality hit her like thunder. She turned her head once again to make sure if the car was still following her or not, unfortunately it did.  Reshmika paced her strides while she was praying to god for her safety. Without looking back she brought her legs as long as she could. She turned into an alley where the car couldn't follow her. She sighed in relief as the creepy car couldn't be found nearly.  The alley ended on a road where vehicles were passing. She could feel a relief passed over her body as a thought of getting on the bus, but it didn't last long as the car appeared in front of her out of nowhere. She didn't know what to do next or where to hide from this devil's car. Her frightened figure was glued to the spot as she was staring at the car like her consciousness dead. Neither she nor the car. Both of them stayed at their own places.  Horn of a bus had broken her trance as it came out from somewhere like her savior. Without wasting any second she waved her hands in front of the bus and when it stopped she hurriedly jumped into the bus.  After feeling like eternity she got home safely, and she entered her home like an attacker without sparing a glance back. She sighed in relief when she made her home safely. She knew that she was safe with her family from every evil thing. But it's the biggest misunderstanding she ever had. The innocent heart of her was not aware that the devil himself had been watching her for a week and getting crazy on her day by day. If he wanted to snatch her, he could do the very next second; nobody could stop him. But he was waiting to make sure about his own feelings he had been for her before doing something.  Now he was merely outside her home staring at her beautiful yet fragile retreating figure until she disappeared from his sight. He was not the type of person who would easily give up if he laid his eyes on something or someone. He would get what he desired at any cost.

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