1. A Dog’s Life

1709 Words
Tyler “Dammit!” I murmured as I put my yellow gloves on. It was my turn to clean one of the toilets on the ground floor again! They were always the filthiest ones. My face contorted with disgust as I looked at its deepness and it felt like it looked back at me. Life as an omega was driving me insane and there had been way too many toilets to clean in the last few years. Being a f*cking low-class omega was the only way I had to be part of a pack again, after I was found running around in my wolf’s form, almost going feral. I had two options: join a pack, or lose my mind and be consumed by mindless darkness as a rogue. Little did I know that cleaning toilets was what would make me lose my s**t. Wolves needed hierarchy, structure, without order we were fated to become beasts. Ironically, defending such a natural structure and trying to prevent an omega to become Luna was what put me in such a low position. Alpha Mateo Atilla from the Ivory Moon Pack was the only one who accepted a wolf with my reputation in his pack, under the condition that I would work as an omega. As his Luna used to say, ‘Karma is said to be a b***h, but in this case, it was an Alpha.’ It wasn’t fair! I was much better than that! I was a Beta blood and I used to be the Beta of one of the most powerful packs in this Realm, a pack that I helped to build alongside my best friend, Hunter. An annoying noise interrupted the train of my thoughts. “Are you done, omega? I have to use the toilet!” An arrogant teenage-pup yelled, knocking on the door insistently. He could easily use the toilet next door, but he and some of his brainless friends liked to pick on me. I guess I would carry my reputation as the Beta who betrayed his Alpha wherever I went. I ignored him, exhaling sharply and flushing the filth once again, but the stain wasn’t going away. “Dammit!” I murmured under my breath. Besides this s**t life, I was forbidden to shift to my wolf: I had been condemned to live as an omega, who was too weak to even shift to their equally weak wolves. It wasn’t like my wolf wanted anything to do with me anyway. Rolf blamed me for making us lose our Beta position. As if I had done it alone, he was a hypocrite mutt. I had to find my way out of this dog’s life. I didn’t know how, but I had to find a way. ~ * ~ Bianca “Dammit, Angel! You are quite strong for a pup!” I gasped in surprise as my young cousin, and sparringpartner, landed a good kick on my leg. “I am not a pup, Bea. You are the one getting old and out of shape.” She had a teasing smile on her face as she dodged my attack fast. We were the only ones at the training grounds this early in the morning. I really liked to train in silence and to start my day with a high dose of adrenaline pumping into my veins. “I never thought I would hear something like that at the tender age of twenty-two years old.” I shook my head and flashed her a lopsided smile. I jumped to the side on the top of my speed, dodging her upcoming punch. “Get ready, pup, we're gonna kick your ass!... okay, we won’t go strong on her, so maybe we can paw her bum,” my wolf, Dawn, murmured in my mind. She loved a good fight, even though what we were having now with my sixteen-year-old cousin was more like a game. “Yield, Pup! You are still on time, I don’t want to have to kick your skinny butt!” I teased her, knowing that she wouldn’t give up that easily. When it comes to fighting, she was just like me. And I didn’t even like the idea of giving something up, let alone losing something. “Let’s stop playing around and show the pup who is the top-warrior!” I told Dawn and she barked in excitement as I swirled midair, landing at Angel’s side and moving swiftly behind her, immediately making her lose her balance with a light kick on the back of her knees. Without hurting her physically, as she attempted to regain her balance, I took both of her arms with one hand, pinned them on her back, and lowered her to the ground on her knees; this way only her ego was bruised. When you aren’t the tallest or the most muscular she-wolf around—yet your biggest dream is to become a great warrior—you have to use your speed in your favor. That was what made me one of the fastest warriors on my pack: I knew my strengths and weaknesses, and I worked them to my advantage. “Girls,” I heard my dad’s deep voice and turned around, taking a very much bound Angel along. “Gamma Marcel,” Angel said looking at my dad. He shook his head and smiled, “You are family, Angel, you shouldn’t call me Gamma but uncle.” My dad was a good and fair man, and he never used his Rank to obtain any advantage or to look down at anyone. Especially not our Angel, who even though wasn’t our blood relative, was my dad’s best friend’s daughter, hence my cousin. Even though they lived in different packs, since my dad became the Gamma of the CrimsonMond Pack, they were still quite close. “Bianca, dear, I have to talk to you. The results of the warrior training allocation have already been released.” I let Angel get out of my grasp and almost jumped out of excitement, I had been waiting for it for weeks. I was anxious to know if I made it to the training program of the Royal Pack, the best one in our Realm. One of the main trainers there was the Royal Beta, even though he wasn’t an Alpha, he was exceptionally strong, fast and skilled. I have worked so hard to get into this program, to live my momma’s legacy as a warrior and be the best I could. Dawn was also jumping in my head and even swirling. She was a very flexible wolf, which sometimes was a bit creepy. “Dear, Alpha Aaron got the training position. But you will be allocated for the training program at the Ivory Moon Pack,” my father told me, placing a soothing hand on my shoulder. A sigh left my lips and I looked away. Dawn howled and hid her face behind her paws, her feelings mirrored mine. I didn’t want to sound like an entitled pup, but I couldn’t push the bitter feeling of unfairness aside. “This is not fair! I attended all the classes and Summer Training School twice while he was partying,” I protested, huffing. Angel sighed, “I am sorry, Bea. You really deserved that, it’s really not fair.” My lips closed in a tight line. Alpha Aaron was the Alpha of Angie’s pack, he was in his early twenties and even though he took over his pack two years ago, he didn’t take his training seriously, at least not as I did. I was a ‘good girl’, I followed rules and lived through a strict training and ethical code and still, the Alpha got it. “I know, but he is a young Alpha and even though the trainers try to be fair, it counts a lot. I am sorry, Bea. I know how much it means to you.” My dad enveloped me in his hug and patted my back. “Mom went to the Royal Pack Training Pack, that’s why she was so good... I just wanted to follow in her footsteps.” I sighed, looking intently at my dad’s green eyes. “I know Bea. But that wasn’t what made your mother a remarkable warrior. It was her responsibility, the fact that she always abided by rules and did the right thing. But looking at it from a different angle, the Ivory Moon Pack is closer to home, so I can always visit you,” my dad said. It had been only the two of us since I can remember. My mum died fighting for our Realm, against vampires, when I was five. She was only a very blurry memory in my mind; her caramel skin and kind dark eyes radiated warmth. The fact that I was all the family he had left, made my father act over the top more often than not, he was a bit overprotective. “And over-controlling!” Dawn chimed in. Even though I loved him a lot, being away from home would be good for me, it would help me to be and to feel… free. “Dad, I am a grown-ass woman, stop with the helicopter parenting!” I furrowed my brows at him. I heard Angel giggling at my words. “You will always be my little pup!” he replied, patting my shoulder, a tender look in his eyes and a serious expression on his face. Well, I was here to be a kicking-butt warrior and not a pup! So, yeah, even though the Ivory Moon Pack wasn’t my place of choice I would go for it in a heartbeat. *** IMPORTANT! Guys, If you see words stuck together, it is a glitch of the system, something around 5% of the readers are experiencing. To fix it please do this: 1. Remove the book from your library, refresh the app and add the book to your library again. My edit*r said that it's the only way to fix it. If it doesn't work, please let me know. 2. If it doesn't work clear your cache. Click on "Me" (it's on the bottom corner of your app) - Settings - clear cache.
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