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*If you haven't read book 1, She is not my Luna, please read this synopsis. Synopsis From his pack, his rank, and his best friend, Tyler lost it all. Is it the end for him or only the start of a new life? Not different from most of the ranked werewolves in the Realm, Tyler—as the Beta of the Black Forest Pack—loved hierarchy and order. He firmly believed that every kind of werewolf had their own and immutable place within society. But more than that, because of a childhood trauma, he loathed omegas and thought they were all opportunistic, weak, sneaky and devious. When Hunter, his best friend and Alpha, finds out that his fated mate is an omega, Tyler tries to convince him to reject or take her only as his mistress. But he failed; Hunter couldn’t resist the bond and his blossoming love for Clair. Taken by desperation, Tyler kidnapped Clair and tried to get rid of her. To his surprise, the ‘weak’ omega she-wolf fought back, buying time for her mate and their friends to arrive to her rescue. Tyler left the place before being caught and roamed around in his wolf form for years, almost going feral and losing his mind. He would have been condemned to a life in the bottom of the mind of his untamed wolf if Alpha Mateo hadn’t taken him in his pack under the condition that Tyler became what he despises most: an omega. Will Tyler’s new position as an omega open his eyes to his past mistakes? Can the former Beta-turned-villain be redeemed? ~ * ~ Blurb: Danger descends upon the Black Forest Pack once again. A couple of Alphas and other ranked wolves who see Clair as a threat to the werewolf society’s hierarchy and their typical lifestyle, decide to act, to prevent Clair from successfully changing the state of things, forbidding them to abuse omegas and treat omegas however they pleased. What will happen when the only one who becomes aware of this new threat is Tyler? Will he help Hunter and Clair, seeking redemption for his crimes? Would redemption even be possible for him after his attempt against Clair’s life? Within all the intense searches, Tyler finds something he never expected: Bianca, his fated mate. She is a fierce and outspoken Gamma’s daughter. * Tyler: “For the last few years, I have been treated as an omega in my new pack, after Alpha Mateo accepted me in his pack under these conditions. I had to do omega’s work and I was forbidden to shift to my wolf form.. If he didn’t accept me, I would remain roaming around out of my mind and lose myself to my darkness as a rogue. But things changed when I met Bianca. Because I cared that much about her, I knew she deserved better. I was nothing and had nothing to offer her. Bianca was a Gamma-blood and the most beautiful female I’ve ever seen. She didn’t deserve a mate that was lower than an omega in the pack, she deserved someone with rank and reputation." * Bianca has to deal with secrets from her past, besides her unexpected mate, who she didn't want. But it was not for the reason Tyler imagined, his lack of rank, but because of the crimes from his past. * * * Please try my other books as well. Try my FREE series: 1. Intertwined: her three mates (free and completed) 2. Torn between mates (free and completed) - Can also be read as a STAND ALONE 3. Behind the mask (free and completed) 4. Out of the world (free and ongoing) * New spin-off: "The Queen of Alphas" -completed + Wait to read / wait to unlock. * * GOLDEN FIRE SERIES: 1. The Last Dragon's Baby - completed. 2. The Awakening of His Luna - ( FREE and completed ) * Stand-alone story: 1. His Runaway Luna (Completed and PTR) For those asking about Tor's book, he will be one of the main characters in the 5th book of my free series "The Lost Bond". He will also be a character in book 4 "Out of the World". Clair, Hunter and Vanessa will be around in book 5. * List of Packs and their respective Alphas and Lunas: 1. Royal Pack - Alpha King Richard, Luna Queen Lea 2. Black Forest Pack - Alpha Hunter and Luna Clair 3. Indigo Moon Pack - Alpha Hector (Tor) 4. Ivory Moon Pack - Alpha Mateo and Luna Agatha 5.CrinmsonMond Pack - Alpha Nathan (Bianca's pack of origin). 6. Onyx Lupus Pack - Alpha Gabriel 7. South Ocean Pack - Alpha Blake 8. Deep Waters Pack - Alpha Kane and Luna Lynette 9. Opal Moon Pack - Alpha Aaron 10. Moon Valley Guardians - Alpha Dominic 11. Crescent Moon Pack - Alpha Cole and Luna Michelle 12. Great Skies Pack - Alpha William and Luna Petra
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