Chapter 1: The brain-dead man woke up.

998 Words
A silent night. Yu Youran was sleeping soundly, suddenly she felt something touch her. "Let go of me...... Let me go...... Go away......" She kept struggling. But the man ignored her movements and put her hands on top of her head. Yu Youran had nowhere to escape. The man kept kissing her heavily. Yu Youran was terrified. "Don't...... Don't...... Please......" Yu Youran suddenly opened her eyes, sat up, and then sweated. She was still scared. She had a dream! How could she dream of Fu Zhongting? She hurriedly turned on the light at the bedside. The man next to her was lying well, and it was indeed a dream just now! Fortunately it was only a dream. Did she really need a man since she’s been lonely for a long time? She actually dreamed of Fu Zhongting having s*x with her. Yu Youran once again looked at Fu Zhongting next to her. She still felt upset. Three years ago, she was forced to marry him. Fu Zhongting used to be an asset to Fu family and the President of Fu’s company. He was known for his abilities. Unfortunately, because of the car accident, he became a brain- dead man and laid on bed for already three years. Yu Youran was upset but she got used to sleep with a brain-dead man everyday. In the light, Fu Zhongting looked more handsome. "Hmm! What for being so handsome? Aren’t you just a ‘living fossil’?" Yu Youran couldn’t help complaining, then she went to pour water. Because of that dream, she didn’t want to sleep at all. So she went out for a walk. These three years had put her through hell. At the beginning of the marriage, she cried and wanted to go back every day. But every time she was scolded by her mother, Wang Fang. Later, she got used to it so she didn’t resist anymore. She didn’t need to worry about anything now. Besides, Fu family was rich enough to support her. She thought her life was nice except she had to sleep with a brain-dead man. It was windy outside so she intended to go back room. She didn’t expect her mother-in-law, Chen Hui to see her. "Yu Youran, why are you outside now? If you have any affairs, I will never spare you. " Chen Hui exclaimed. "Hmm! I'd love to find a man. " Yu Youran said sarcastically. Hearing that, Chen Hui got angry immediately. She wanted to go forward and slap Yu Youran. But her wrist was clasped by her. "Chen Hui, I don't owe you anything. On the contrary, I have wasted so much of my youth on your son. I am the victim!" Then Yu Youran swatted her hand. She would never be bullied again. When she just came here, Chen Hui hit her a lot. Slowly, she also began to resist. She should be strong so Chen Hui would back off. "Yu Youran, you mean you dislike my son? What the hell are you? You have no babies in three years. What do you want?” "Babies? Do you think your son can do it? " "You......" Chen Hui was furious. "You are sick!" Yu Youran complained, then she went back to the room. That's the odd if a brain-dead man could give her a baby! Over the past three years, Chen Hui kept letting her have a baby. As for Yu Youran, it’s just a joke! She opened lifeted the quilt and stared at Fu Zhongting's handsome face. "If a brain-dead man could let me be pregnant, God damn it! She’s crazy!” She complained again. After drinking a sip of water, she patted Fu Jingran's delicate face, "Well, your face is wasted. Only a brain-dead man! It’s useless!” Then she turned off the light and went to bed. After a long time, a big hand, slowly extended to her...... Yu Youran immediately felt something was wrong, did she dream again? She opened her eyes and happened to see Fu Zhongting’s face. What...... what the hell? Through the moonlight outside, she knew it was exactly Fu Zhongting! How could he wake up? There must be a ghost! Yu Youran wanted to shout for help at once. But Fu Zhongting had already covered her mouth in advance. "What's wrong? Do you think I’m a ghost? " Fu Zhongting's voice was pleasant. After three years, Yu Youran heard his voice for the first time. It turned out to be so pleasant and smokey...... Even...... It's full of masculine charm. Pang! Fu Zhongting turned on the lamp. Yu Youran could finally see his face clearly. "Fu...... Fu Zhongting, you...... Are you awake?" Yu Youran even spoke in a stuttering voice. Could you imagine it? The feeling that a brain-dead man who’s been sleeping for three years suddenly woke up and sat on you. "Don't you say I can't give you a baby? If I don't wake up, how can I prove it to you?" Yu Youran: "......" Don't tell her, he woke up because of her stimulation. "Fu...... Fu Zhongting, you...... What do you want? " She doesn't even have a good word to say. "What do I want to do, don't you know that? To prove it to you? " Fu Zhongting said very quietly and ambiguously. He could easily bewitch a woman. But Yu Youran only felt worried and terrified. Although they had married for three years and they slept every night. But they never communicated! Now Fu Zhongting who sat on her was totally a stranger to her. "Fu...... Fu Zhongting, you get up. " "You scared? For three years, you have been alone in an empty room. Shouldn't I make it up to you? " Tearing...... Yu Youran only heard a sound of her clothes getting broken...... Yu Youran couldn’t fight against him. She was quite angry and wanted to slap him. Fu Zhongting held her hands and put them on the top of her head.
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