Chapter 2: Was she trapping herself?

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"Fu Zhongting, do you know what you're doing? You are r****g!" Yu said angrily. "r****g? You are my wife legally. What I’m doing is legal and the law allows me. Do you think I’m r****g? Hmm? " His last sound dragged very long. In this silent night, it seemed to be quite pleasant and charming. Yu Youran could never imagine that Fu Zhongting could wake up one day. She thought she'd be doomed for her life. Fu Zhongting ignored her resistance and kissed her lightly. Yu Youran closed her eyes. Forget it, take him as a dog. "Yu Youran, why do you behave like this?” Fu Zhongting was dissatisfied. "What do you want me to do?" "Aren't you hungry? Don't you think it's funny to pretend to be a virgin? " "None of your business!" "Hmm! You are stubborn. I’ll let you know who are more powerful!” Fu Zhongyi said and pushed his body. Yu Youran felt painful but she had no way. "Fu Zhongyou, you son of a b***h!" "Well, you can only speak. After three years, aren’t you lonely? Now, I'll make it up to you.” Yu Youran repressed her voice. This man was venting madly. Only because she complained that he couldn’t get it up? What kind of life did she live in the past three years? Couldn’t she complain a bit? Did she go too far? After a while, Fu Zhongting finally resolved. While Yu Youran was depressed. She was eaten by this man, but her fantasies were not like this. "How about it? Now you have experienced yourself." Fu Zhongting raised his brows. "Just so so. You haven't touched any women for three years. You are not skilled." She's not going to make this man happy. Fu Zhongting was indeed angry. “You seem to be experienced. Yu Youran. You really pretend to be pure in front of me!” "Are you jealous?" "Well." Fu Zhongting smiled, then said: "You look too high on yourself. Will I be jealous of you? Rest at ease. Since you think I’m not skilled, I’ll practice on you as long as I’m free.” Yu Youran: "......" Did she trap herself? This man was difficult to cope with...... "Fu Zhongting, when did you wake up?" She always felt that he had woke up long ago. Otherwise, how could he know what she had said before. "You guess." Yu Youran: "......" Damn you! However, Yu Youran was a little happy and she was smiling. Fu Zhongting saw it and asked, "Why are you smiling? Are you happy? " "Fu Zhongting, I married you only for your illness. Now you wake up. So I think our marriage should end. Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow.” Fu Zhongting's expression immediately changed. He became quite angry. This woman was actually happy to get rid of him? "Yu Youran, do you think I'm going to let you go?" She was suddenly anxious, "You...... What do you mean? " "Divorce, that's impossible!" "Why not? You don't like me, me neither. Besides, if your mother knows you're awake, she must force me to divorce you." "She can’t control me. Don’t you say I’m not skilled? I haven’t practiced enough, how can I let you go.” Yu Youran: "......" She was completely speechless. "Fu Zhongyi, the purpose I married you is accomplished and you has woke up. Please forget what I have said and let me go!” Yu Youran tried to discuss with Fu Zhongting. After three years, she finally saw the hope. If Fu Zhongting would let her go, then she would go to find Mujing...... "Yu Youran, I'm not kind, so stop begging me." Yu Youran was depressed by his heartless attitude. What a ruthless man! From now on, she would mess with him. "Besides, don’t tell anyone about me of waking up for now. Do things as before.” "You mean, you continue to feign sleep?" "So take care of your business. If anyone knows that I’m awake, I won’t forgive you.” "Fu Zhongting, why are you threatening me?" Yu Youran was not convinced. It was him who demands her but he was overbearing. "For I’m capable to do so. I believe you have heard of what I have been like before." Yu Youran: "......" Although she had never met him before, she had heard of his stories. After all, he was a celebrity in Jin City. After he became the President of the company, he once again improved their bottom line. He was ruthless and calm. There were countless companies that went bankrupted due to him. In short, his name was like a emperor. He was blindsided probably because he had too many enemies. After the car accident, he had slept for three years. Over the past three years, too many things had happened, and the pattern of everything had changed. Yu Youran also knew that it was easy for Fu Zhongting if he wanted to handle her. After thinking about it, she could only compromise and help him keep hiding. ...... The next day. Yu Youran was ready to go to work. As the wife of Fu Zhongting’s, she was arranged by grandmother to exercise in the company and worked in administrative department. Because she had no status or station, she wouldn’t be cared at all. She had worked there for three years without promotion. Even people around her didn’t know that she was the wife of Fu Zhongting’s. Because grandmother did not allow her to proclaim her identity outside. As a matter of fact, she didn't want anyone to know about it. Speaking of grandmother, her name was Wang Jinfeng. She’s Fu Zhongting's grandmother and the head of Fu family’s. She was known as iron maiden in the commercial market. She was quite powerful and smart. Fu Zhongting's grandfather died early, so Wang Jinfeng kept Fu family going. Yu Youran was about to call a taxi to go to the company. Her position in Yu family was not good. She didn’t have her own car either. Although she lived in a rich family, she was the same with the ordinary citizens.
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