The Broken Alpha And His Human Mate

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Alpha Kash, Regarded as one of the most powerful Alphas, faces a tragic turn of events leaving him stripped of his title, his pack, and the family he once cherished. Stranded in the unforgiving woods, his chances of survival seem slim, but a glimmer of hope emerges when a compassionate human discovers him.

Venus, a determined and fearless young woman, has inherited her late mother's house in the woods and stumbles upon a seemingly injured wolf and decides to lend a helping hand. To her amazement, however, the creature undergoes a startling transformation, shapeshifting into a human being right in front of her eyes.

The intertwined hands of destiny have led these two individuals to each other, however, the hidden secrets they carry possess the ability to sever their undeniable bond.

Will Kash and Venus have the strength to face their past demons together, or will they reject the possibility of creating one of the most formidable mate bonds ever witnessed?

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Human Girl
Kash POV Nestled in the woods, a solitary house beckoned me to visit often. My purpose was to observe the human girl who called it home. What set her apart was her incredible strength and resilience. She stood firmly in her beliefs, fearlessly embracing her true self without concern for judgment. Unlike the others, she didn't follow trends or act fake to gain popularity. Instead, she spoke her mind and stood up for herself fearlessly. While the other girls dressed to impress, she preferred the comfort of baggy t-shirts, torn jeans, and messy hair. Her natural beauty shone through effortlessly. During her teenage years, I watched as she rejected countless guys, and each time, I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. While her so-called mother engaged in relationships with questionable individuals, she remained indifferent and prioritized her own life. And then, one day, she vanished, leaving her mother behind. I often pondered what had become of her. Had she fled to pursue the life she desired, or had someone recognized her extraordinary nature and whisked her away? As time passed, my visits to the house grew less frequent, and with a busier schedule, the memories of catching even a glimpse of the girl faded away. At the age of nineteen, I assumed the role of Alpha for my pack, embracing the responsibility with unwavering dedication. As time went on, my commitment and strength became evident, and by the time I reached twenty, I had already gained a reputation as one of the most formidable Alphas in existence. However, I had one vulnerability—my trust in those close to me, unaware that they were secretly plotting to bring me down. Tonight, on the eve of my twenty-third birthday, everything is about to drastically change in my life. Rarely did we find ourselves near the human village, but my beta and a few of my closest friends persistently persuaded me to unwind for a night and visit the village bar, which was now under new ownership. Despite my lack of interest in going out, I decided to dress casually and quickly grabbed a bottle of alcohol from my room. I took several large gulps from it before grabbing my leather jacket and car keys. I then swiftly left the pack house, got into my car, and headed to the bar to meet everyone, hoping to get the night over with and redirect my attention to more important matters. As soon as I caught sight of the eerie, full moon, my wolf instantly became on edge. A feeling of unease washed over me, as if something was wrong. A subtle chill ran down my spine, sending a warning signal to my senses. However, despite my better judgment, I pushed the thought aside and continued on my way. The road leading to the small village was devoid of any activity, and I found myself navigating through deserted streets. The moment I set foot in the village, a powerful aroma of human presence filled the air, reaching my heightened senses. In general, I found their species to be quite bothersome and had very little interest in them. A heavy sigh escaped my lips, causing a misty cloud to form in the air. It seemed as though even nature itself acknowledged the disappointment I felt. The entrance to the bar stood before me, its presence looming. I hesitated for a moment, my hand hovering over the door handle, unsure if I should proceed or return to the pack. However, curiosity got the better of me, compelling me to step into the dimly lit interior. As soon as I entered, a wave of stale air washed over me, carrying the scent of spilled alcohol and neglect. My Beta, Colter, caught my attention and gestured towards the table where he was seated. To my dismay, Alpha Julian and a group of his most formidable warriors were also present at the long table. “What the hell is he doing here” I mind-linked my beta. “We ran into them and invited them to join, chill for a night and celebrate your birthday, Alpha.” My beta responded. Filled with frustration, I let out a low growl while reaching a bottle they had acquired from the bar. I poured the liquid into a glass, filling it to the brim, and swiftly downed its contents. “If I were in the same situation as you, without a mate at your age, I would drink just like you. Not having a Luna by your side can be seen as unfavorable; however, if you don't have one, you can select a she-wolf from my pack as a birthday gift,” Julian offered with a smirk. “Not interested,” I snapped as I filled my glass again and sat back in my chair. "Have you seen the new bartender? From what it appears, she thinks she’s a total badass. According to what I heard, she recently relocated back to town and on her second day here, she found herself in some trouble, resulting in her being placed under house arrest. From what I understand, she is only able to leave her house for the purpose of this job," One of Julian’s warriors spoke. "Sounds like she could be fun," Flynn, one of my pack members, said. "I heard she shot the police chief’s son in the ass for trying to get in her pants," another one of Julian’s warriors laughed, piquing my interest slightly. "Rare for a human girl to stand up for herself," I muttered as I looked over at the bar. I stood up and made a move to walk towards the bar. "Going to have a little fun with the human?" Alpha Julian asked, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. "No, need another bottle if I'm going to sit here with you," I grumbled as I knocked over the empty bottle. As I approached the worn wooden counter, a disinterested older gentleman, his weary eyes barely acknowledging my presence, greeted me with minimal enthusiasm. "V, you have a customer," he called towards a backroom, his voice tinged with boredom. "Busy, you deal with them," the bartender yelled back. Grumbling under his breath, the older gentleman reluctantly made his way towards the back room. "If you fail to come up here immediately, I will inform your patrol officer that you are causing trouble," he snapped, his voice filled with frustration. "Do I seem like someone that gives a f**k?" The girl's voice snapped, cutting through the air like a knife. She confidently strode towards the bar, her presence commanding attention. As our eyes met, time seemed to stand still. It was her, the same girl I had been keeping an eye on for so many years. She exuded an effortless beauty, dressed in a soft, oversized t-shirt that hung loosely around her frame. Her ripped jeans bore the marks of countless adventures, telling stories of a life lived boldly. Her long, flowing brown hair cascaded down her shoulders, each strand glistening in the dim light of the bar. With every movement, her hair gently brushed against her skin, creating a delicate sensation that danced along my senses. The faint scent of her floral-scented shampoo lingered in the air as she walked, intertwining with the aroma of alcohol and musky cologne, leaving a trail of allure in her wake. The intensity of my emotions surged through my veins, causing my heart to race uncontrollably. A warm flush spread across my cheeks, contrasting against the coolness of my skin. I struggled to maintain composure, my breath hitching as I fought to steady myself. But her captivating gaze held me in its powerful grip, her bright green eyes shining like two emerald gems, reflecting the light and illuminating her face. Those eyes seemed to hold a universe of secrets, a hint of mischief sparkling within them. They were windows to her soul, telling stories without uttering a single word. I found myself drawn deeper into their depths with every passing second, unable to tear my gaze away. With a forceful motion, she slammed a glass down on the wooden bar, the loud thud abruptly snapping me out of my daze. The sharp sound echoed through the dimly lit room, jolting me back to reality. I blinked, trying to regain my composure. "What will it be?" she asked, her voice laced with a hint of impatience. The bar's dim lighting cast a shadow over her face, making her piercing green eyes stand out even more. "What the hell was wrong with me?" I wondered silently, my mind still clouded by thoughts of her. My fascination with her was reminiscent of the past when I watched her, but the absence of her scent, detectable by my wolf, indicated that she was not my destined mate. "Get me whatever will make this night pass away fast," I muttered, my words tinged with a hint of frustration. "Must be a bad night." She reached for a bottle of tequila, her movements swift and efficient. "It's my birthday," I muttered, my voice barely audible above the murmurs of other patrons. "Sounds like you need more than one shot, then," she responded, a small smile playing on her lips. "I'll take a full bottle for my table," I sighed, feeling the weight of the day settle on my shoulders. I pointed towards the table we were sitting at. "You've got it. I have to grab it from the back. I will bring it over for you, birthday boy," she replied, her voice filled with a hint of playfulness. She turned and walked away before I could even thank her. "Bottle is coming," I announced as I took my seat back at the table, the worn wooden chair creaking under my weight. "Looks like you are finally relaxing," my beta said through our mind-link, his voice filled with amusement. "Might as well. It's my birthday, only once a year," I responded, a small smile tugging at the corners of my lips. The bartender returned with the bottle, placing it on the table with a soft clink. When Alpha Julien gave the bartender a once-over, I couldn't help but let out a low growl under my breath. "Maybe we should get you the human girl for your birthday. I'm sure we can make some arrangements with her patrol officer," Julien laughed, his voice dripping with mischief, as she walked away. "Not interested in humans," I huffed, my words laced with a touch of annoyance. "You could have fooled me," Julien chuckled, his voice filled with amusement. As soon as Alpha Julien and his pack departed, I found myself downing the bottle and having a great time with my fellow pack members. Laughter filled the air, blending with the music playing in the background. Only when the final call was announced did we all begin to make our way out of the bar, the collective sound of chairs scraping against the floor accompanying our departure. I was the last to exit, taking time to settle the bill. As I made my way towards my car, I couldn't help but notice the refreshing sensation of the crisp, cold night air gently brushing against my face, carrying with it the faint scent of pine and distant bonfires. The cool breeze whispered through the night, a soothing touch after a long and eventful evening. "You seriously are going to drive?" I heard the bartender ask, causing me to look in her direction. If I were a human, the amount I consumed would definitely hinder my driving skills, but as a werewolf, I am completely unaffected by it. "I'm fine, I appreciate the concern," I responded and then got in my car. As I made my way back to my pack, the roads once again appeared completely empty. The closer I got to my pack land, an increasingly strong and unsettling feeling began to engulf me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, alerting me to the danger that lay ahead. Immediately after I crossed the border of our territory, I felt a powerful growl emanating from my wolf deep inside me. "Intruders," He snarled in my head. Alpha Julian, accompanied by his warriors, as well as my beta and a few of my own warriors, were standing outside of the pack house. As I stepped out of the car, a distinct scent of blood filled my nostrils. My eyes quickly scanned the area, revealing the lifeless bodies of several members of my pack. Their still forms lay sprawled on the ground, a grim testament to the battle that had taken place. "Welcome back Alpha," My Beta said with a smirk. Alpha Julian and his warriors shifted into their wolves, their powerful bodies poised for the attack against me. The tension in the air was palpable, a thick cloud of hostility that hung heavily over us. “I am loyal to Alpha Julian and his pack now," my beta continued, his voice dripping with venom. "As we gather to honor not just your birthday, Kash, but also the final defeat of this run down pack, and the conclusion of your life. While it is true that you are one of the strongest, you should understand that without this pack, your chances of winning in your current condition are slim to none. Should you decide to surrender and accept defeat to Alpha Julian, there is a chance he might grant you mercy and spare your life." My beta's words hung in the air, heavy and suffocating. From deep within me, a low and guttural growl escaped as I transformed into my wolf, my muscles rippling with power. With an unyielding and fierce determination, I launched myself at my adversary, the sound of snarls and growls filling the night. I would continue to fight, refusing to give up, until the very last breath left my body.

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