Chapter 1: Christian

1999 Words
                                                            October 16, 2019 "For f***s sake." I muttered as I eyed the stupid black dress and yanked the zipper up. My breast bulged from it and I wondered if that would be a problem, I mean it definitely shouldn't be an issue. A small laugh came from behind me and I glanced back at Amelia, "You're like every rich daddy's dream." She said waggling her auburn brows as she walked over and tossed my hair over my shoulder. She clamped the small clasp to keep the zipper from undoing itself. I eyed the mirror and gave her a small smirk, "You're drooling." I teased while she rolled her eyes, "Oh shut it. Make sure you get a really rich one this time. I'm in the mood for fillets." She said leaning into the mirror and touching up her lipstick. Right. "You forget that tonight's your night to bring home the bacon Amie." I reminded her while she scoffed, "No, you said since the last guy was super touchy and weird, I would get to skip out next time." She's right. Dammit, "Alright. Fine. Let's go, I need to get this s**t over with. What's the guys name?" I asked looking down at her phone. Christian. Alright, "Lets go, I need to get home on time to study for that final." I added grabbing my heels and pulling them on. Slipping the knife up into my nylons between my thighs, I grabbed the clutch and headed out the door grabbing my coat. Amelia followed grabbing her coat and locking the door behind her, "He'll be in a black Porsche outside, keep your tracker on. I love you, be safe." She advised as if we haven't been doing this for three years. I laughed and rolled my eyes, "And if he gets handsy, call you on speed dial. I know." I said giving her a kiss on the cheek before going out the hotel and giving the butler a smile which he returned with a smirk and wink. I've been saving since I was eight years old, when my dad was murdered, I was given forty-six thousand dollars. Apparently it was my savings that they'd done for me. I couldn't use it until I was eighteen. I was placed in foster homes, many, and often times ran from them and found myself an 'unadoptable' child. Amelia was the same, and we wounded up running away together on our sixteenth birthdays. We got jobs and worked at restaurants earning tips for four years. I saved as much of every paycheck that I could, I went days with only one meal a day, and often lived off cup a noodles. But one day Amelia and I met a girl who told us about this job, rich wealthy men pay you to be their dates. After that, we never looked back. I currently have four hundred and seventy two thousand dollars in savings. How? Well for starters I don't pay taxes. Rich men don't write our services as taxable deductions since it's a service that most people would frown upon. Every date is two hundred dollars an hour. Which means, to the government, I don't work. Plus, I keep my money in cash form. All of it locked up in a safe. My schooling has been payed for by financial aid, and luckily, I never got checked up on. I plan to make enough money so that I can start climbing the business tower, through this service I've met a lot of rich business men, stock brokers, wealthy millionaires, even billionaires who all place their fortunes into the perfect stocks that keep their money growing. Through their conversation, I've begun to learn a lot, so much that I'm on my last class of my Bachelors in Business. After this month, I'll be graduating with a Bachelors degree. I'm very proud of my accomplishments. I eyed the black Porsche and walked over to it, pulling the door open and getting into the passenger seat before shutting the door. Most men don't like to get out of their cars because they're afraid of anyone knowing who they are. Looking to the man, I gave him a charming smile and he grinned looking me over. I noticed his eyes, the familiarity of them, the vibrant blue. Then the scar along his eye, I knew this man. "So this will be a very simple dinner. My wife couldn't make it, she's in Russia visiting family. How are your table manners?" He asked putting the car in drive and driving us away from the hotel. But my heart was beating so fast, I knew exactly who this man was. He'd saved my life once, I mean, he was one of the men who helped kill my father, but I never forgot his eyes. I never forgot the mercy of him leaving me there despite his job. Christian looked to me, "You don't talk?" He asked turning right. I shook my shock out, "I-Im sorry. Yes, I do know table manners." I replied focusing on his ring. He gave a nod, "Good, so only speak when spoken to, no soliciting and order whatever you'd like. I'll pay you once the nights over and drive you home at ten. Is that a good time?" He asked while I looked to the clock that said six. Six to ten? That's..... a thousand dollars. I gave a small nod watching him give me a look over, "You're a very pretty girl, how old are you?" He asked giving me a bit of a creepy vibe now. Staring at the ring on his finger again, I smiled shyly, "Twenty four." I replied softly. He gave a smile over at me, and then laughed a bit, "You're my daughters age. That's a bit uncomfortable." He said shifting in his seat. Well usually I am their daughters ages, that's nothing new. I stared at him, "I can say I'm older if you'd like. I don't charge for lies. Some men make me a foreign girl and others say I'm twenty seven. It's not a big deal. You're paying so whatever you'd like me to be, I'll be. Just know I don't offer s****l favors. Not for any price." I explained while he lifted an eyebrow and blushed, "Oh this is just a dinner, I promise." He said giving me a small smile. Right. I stared ahead and wondered if he would be taking me to dinner with the guys who also killed my father. It was just a thought. "Why did you get into this? Didn't you ever dream of something better?" He asked turning left and getting onto the freeway. Of course I did, "I'm a business major." I admitted watching him raise both eyebrows now and smirk, "How far along?" He asked switching lanes. I crossed my legs, "I'll be graduating with my Bachelors next month." I said a bit proud before looking over at him. He nodded and smiled, "Good, we need more woman in the business industry. Pay attention tonight, you might learn a lot." He said turning up the heater. Thank god, I was getting really cold. Giving him a soft smile, I nodded, "I usually do, it's interesting to hear which stocks are the favored. But I-I want to be a billionaire." I said boldly. He laughed low and looked over at me, staring me up and down, "Well I know a lot of young men your age searching for wives. That's the quickest way to wealth." He said shrugging. Oh, sure, I bet if I was a man that wouldn't have been said. "I'd prefer to earn it myself." I replied politely. Christian stared ahead at the road with a small grin, "Smart. How does your boyfriend feel about you doing this?" He asked switching to the far lane. My boyfriend... "I don't have one, Im enjoying my freedom." I said watching him look over at me and nod once. Christian pulled out a cigar, "Do you mind?" He asked and I shook my head and took the lighter and cigar. Starting the cigar off for him, I held it out and he smirked softly before rolling the window down a bit. It was quiet for the next thirty minutes of the drive before we headed to the restaurant, "Just curious, does that forty minutes count as payment?" He asked pulling the car up to a lavish looking building. I gave a small nod, "Sorry, I count on the hour." I replied watching him shake his head, "You'll be a billionaire one day. I can see it." He said getting out and going to my side. As he pulled open my door and held a hand out, I took it and felt a mixed emotion in me. I wanted to be grateful he saved me, but I also hated him for having to have saved me. We headed inside and I held myself poise as my long black dress barely touched the floor. Christian took my coat off and stopped to gawk at my dress. I gave a shy look and he reached over brushing my hair back to expose my bare shoulders. He gave a small smile and nod before holding an arm out to me. I took his arm and we headed inside. One thing I've learned about this is not to gawk, don't gawk at the massive chandeliers and breath taking art, or the prices on the menus. And never decline an offer for a drink. You're supposed to act as though you too can afford all this and none of it phases you. A table was set for six men, each had their own girls beside them and I realized one was definitely my age. The others were a lot older. Christian pulled a chair out, "Hello, is Vader here yet?" He asked looking around while I sat in the chair, he pushed me in and then took the seat beside me. The younger guy my age, gave a shrug, "He said he was outside." He commented confused. I stayed silent and watched the older man at the end watching me with a heavy stare, it wasn't admiration or hatred, but curiosity. Moving my eyes from him to Christian, I watched him sigh and look to the door, "He's his mothers kid. I'm never late." He said shaking his head. So Vader is his son? I watched as a guy with black hair and bright blue eyes walked over with a beautiful blonde on his arm. It was definitely his son, the guys practically a younger version of Christian. Vader sat his girl in before he took the seat beside her and gave her an annoyed stare. Then he looked across the table to his dad who gave him a warning look. The girls are never introduced, we don't get introduced because we're disposable, constantly exchanged. The only time we're allowed to introduce ourselves is if we're asked to. I watched Vader look me over and then c**k an eyebrow at his dad who gave him a stern glare not to begin with him. It was amusing to watch. The waiter walked over and I watched him stare at me with wide brown eyes, I knew him! He was part of my second foster home, Mason. Wow, small world. I gave him a small smile and hoped he wouldn't try to talk. It's not professional for me. "What can I start you with?" He asked Christian first, Christian ordered a whiskey and something that sounded expensive and a cigar that also sounded expensive. I ordered a chanté white wine. It was a wine that was considered an acceptable one to drink. Christian gave me a small smile which meant he approved of it. "Of course Faith." Mason said before going to take the others orders. I earned a small stare from Christian and gave a nod that I'd fix that. I'd have to fix that.
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