Chapter 2

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-Macy P.O.V.- "Angel, why don't you go ahead and leave." I tell my best friend as she is just waiting for my shift to end. "No way. I am fine with waiting." She says as she shakes her head at me. I sigh as I go to say something, but I can feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pull it out to look and see my father is calling me and my face pales. He never calls me while I am at work and it makes me think the worst. I quickly decline the call and look up to see my best friend looking at me with a worried expression. Before I can say anything, she beats me to it. "Come and stay with me tonight." She pleads with me. I sigh. "I am going to go and get a hotel for tonight. I have clothes and things in my car, so go home. I will be here for another hour." She just sighs before she nods at me. She then hops off the desk and gives me a quick hug. She then heads off as I go around to check up on my patients. I make it to Willow's room and head in to see she is not in the room. I go over to the bathroom and knock. "Excuse me, Mrs. Willow. Are you in here?" I ask her while I look around and I see no one in the room. "I need help. Can you please help me?" I hear her ask through the bathroom door. I quickly opened the door to see her leaning on the sink. She looks up at me and smiles. "I need help with putting these clothes on. I am sick and tired of wearing that god-awful hospital gown." I chuckle at her words. "I totally understand." I then walk over and help her with her sweatpants. I then help her with her shirt that will not bother her wires and stitches. After I am done helping her, I help her back over to the bed. Just as she lays down, her husband walks in. "I told you to wait for me." He scolds his wife as she just huffs at him. "Oh, shut up." She playfully says to him. He then turns to me. "Thank you for helping my wife." I just shake my head. "It is my job, don't thank me." I then look back over to Willow and smile. "Do you need anything else?" She shakes her head no. I then take my leave as I head back over to my desk. One hour later... I am packing up my things as my shift has just ended. I clock out and head out to my car. After I get in my car, I head off to a hotel. I do not want to face my father right now and I really don't feel like covering up a bruise when I have to go back into work. I quickly find a hotel and pay in cash so he can not trace me while using a fake name. I go into the hotel room and take a long shower as it feels nice over my beaten body. After some time, I get out and get dressed to go to bed. I then pass out as the bed feels so nice against my body. -Derek P.O.V.- After about 12 hours, we landed. I quickly exit the plane while everyone follows me, and we head off to my house. Once we get there, I head off to shower and get changed. I threw on some jeans with a simple t-shirt. My only focus right now is to go and see my mother. I don't care if she is awake or not. I want to see my mother and see that she is fine. I know the hospital has strict visiting rules, but my mom basically owns that hospital. I enter the hospital and head off to where my mom is at. I head over to the desk and the guy working looks up at me. "Visiting hours are over. Sorry man, you will need to come back tomorrow." I close my eyes while I try to control my anger. I open them back up and look him right in the eyes. "My mother is here, so just tell me what room she is staying in. Her name is Willow." The guy pales once he hears my mothers first name. He apologizes as he tells me which room she is in. I head off down the hall and enter her room to see that she is awake. "Hey mom." She snaps her head towards my direction and smiles. "Hello son." I smile back at her and walk over to give her a hug. I may be a cruel man, but my mother and sister hold special places in my heart. I will never let anyone harm them nor will they be harmed by me. We pull away and I look over to see my dad passed out on the couch in the room. I chuckle once I see him which causes my mom to scoff. "You'd think he is one that needs to be resting right now." I can hear that she is joking. "Well, you know dad." I say while chuckling. My mom then takes my hand and I look at her. "Go home and rest. Come back tomorrow, okay? I will be passing out here soon from my meds so go and get some rest." I know better than to argue with my mom so I kiss her forehead and head out. I head back home to where I pass out as soon as my head hits my pillow. Tomorrow I will be looking into this. I will find out who did this and I will make them pay. The next morning... I woke up after a couple hours and got ready for the day. I threw on some black jeans along with a white button up shirt. I then threw on some vans along with my jewelry. I headed over to my Uncle's house since he was there when my mom got shot. I got there fast after grabbing something to eat on the way. After a couple of minutes, I pulled into his driveway. It is like they knew because soon Uncle Kevin and Blade were coming out of the house. "Nice to see you again, nephew." Uncle Blade says as he pulls me into a hug. With Uncle Kevin following. After that we head inside while Uncle Blade takes me up to his office. He knows why I am here and he knows I want to see everything/know everything.
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