Chapter 1

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-Macy P.O.V.- “GET BACK HERE YOU STUPID BI**H!” I hear my father yell for me as I am running out of the house. I was hoping to be able to sneak out before he woke up, but I was not so lucky. I quickly ran to my car and got in, then I sped off to my job. I am a fulltime nurse in the hospital, and I love my job. I work a lot of hours and I like it because it keeps me from going home. My father is an ab**ive alcoholic drunk. I cannot remember a time that he wasn’t always like this, but it has gotten worse over the past 2 years since my mother died. She killed herself because she could no longer handle my father anymore. I don’t put any blame on her as I know how unhappy she was. I am pulled out of my thoughts when I pull into the parking garage. I park my car and then quickly head inside to get my day started. “Hey, Macy!” My coworker/friend says to me with a smile on her face. I smile back at her as I am putting my things away. I then head back through to where she is. “What’s up, buttercup?” I ask her with a smile on my face.  "We have someone important that is coming to our wing when she gets out of surgery and I wanted to know.." I quickly held up my hand to cut her off.  "I will do it." I tell her with a smile. She sighs in relief and I just chuckle.  She is always worried when we get someone with a title to our wing because she doesn't want to mess up. She knows that I can handle the pressure when dealing with people who are of high status. I quickly start pulling charts and I start doing my rounds when my boss comes over.  "Macy, here is the chart for Willow. Be careful when dealing with her. She owns this hospital and she is a powerful woman, okay?" She tells me with a shaky voice and I just nod while I take the chart from her.  Honestly, once you deal with what I have going on at home then nothing can really shake you up. I look at the chart to see that Willow is in room 202, so I head that way to check up on her. I head inside to see that she is up and I look at her shocked. No one really wakes up this early..I quickly recover and put a smile on my face.  "Hey, my name is Macy. I will be your nurse. Do you need anything?" I ask her nicely when she looks my way and I feel a cold chill go up my spine. What the?  "I need my husband, please. Also I need something to drink, please." She says to me with a smile on her which makes me smile. Her smile reminds me of my mothers smile.  "Of course." I tell her while I look her over and her vitals. I then tell her that I will be heading out to get her husband along with something to drink.  I am walking over to the nurses station when I hear someone being loud. I look over to see my best friend, Angel, looking scared as this huge man is raising his voice at her. I quickly walk up and clear my throat.  "Hello, can I help you?" I ask nicely.  The man turns to me and sighs. "My wife is on this floor. I need to see her NOW."  "Okay, what is your wife's name?" I quickly asked him.  "Willow." He states to which I smile.  "I am her nurse. I am going to grab her some water and then I can take you to her, if you would like."  "Please." He almost says in a begging voice.  I can tell that he is really worried about his wife so I understand why he was getting frustrated. I quickly grab some water and then I lead him to his wife's room. I let him enter first while I followed behind him. He engulfs his wife in a soft hug while she clings onto him. I set the water on her tray while I quickly walked out of the room. I head back to the nurses station to see Angel talking with some more people.  -Derek P.O.V.- Ugh. I wake up groaning as my phone keeps ringing off of the hook. I was currently enjoying my sleep because I had some business to attend to last night and I didn’t get to bed till about 5 in the morning. I lean over to grab my phone off of the nightstand. “WHAT?” I snap into the phone without even seeing who it was. “Snap at me again son and it will be the last thing you ever do.” My father snaps into the phone. I shoot up from the bed and curse to myself. “Sorry dad. I didn’t check to see who it was.” My father just sighed. “Your mother was shot.” Was all my dad said before everything went black. I hung up the phone, and jumped out of bed. I started to pack all of my things up while I made a phone call to my pilot to let him know that I needed to go back home, NOW.  I was currently in Italy dealing with some business, so I needed to get on the flight as quickly as I could. All of my men quickly got ready and they were ready to leave when I was. We headed to the airport and we all got on the plane. No one was saying anything because they knew that I was on edge. It was going to be a long 11 hours.
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