Book 02 Their Queen, His Luna

837 Words
To create a smoother reading experience, here we prepare a direct access to the second book of Rejected Rogue Princess series for you. Keep scrolling and you can enjoy the sequel Their Queen, His Luna   Blurb: Cassandra was abused and hated by the members of Dawn moon pack because she was the daughter of the rogue lord. After taking crap from them for five years, she finds her mate, Dylan Blackmoon is the most powerful Alpha in the world but even he rejects her. After Dylan atone for his mistakes, Cassandra realizes that she has a bigger duty than just being his Luna. Now it's time to take her place in the world as the Queen of rogues. Cassandra leaves the Dawn moon pack to meet the rogues and take her place but comes across a dangerous, selfish rogue. Lucian opposes and fights her every chance he gets. It's now up to Cassandra to prove that she is a strong, independent leader and gain their trust while getting Lucian out of the way but what happens when sparks start to fly between them and a romantic entanglement blossoms.  Is he another mate or there's more than what meets the eye? And how will Alpha Dylan react to this?     I'm standing at the tallest building in the city, waiting for my rival to arrive. After a few minutes, a long line of cars stops In front of the Tiberius royal hotel. As the girl steps out of the car, she inhales deeply, seeming pleased. Well, too bad I won't let her enjoy her stay here. A few rogue members are there to welcome and take her luggage Inside. I try my best to take a good look at her face but she's not turning towards me. As if sensing my predatory gaze on her, she twists her neck to look up and when I look into her eyes, Ryker, my wolf breaths in content, I narrow my gaze at her but Cassandra doesn't avert her eyes either. ' This will be fun,' The former rogue lord's daughter looks delicate and beautiful as a flower, so easily breakable I bet. She has dark long curly hair cascading down to her back, it seems silk too. Her skin looks flawless and soft even though she's covering most parts with her clothes. ' Not nice,' Ryker comments and I snarl, ' We are not boning the enemy this time around,' he whines, still thinking about Helena until I shut him out. A shadow in the dark creeps towards me, and I don't need to turn to know who it is, " So, that's her," Evelyn Snickers. " Yes, the one and only Cassandra Alyona Tiberius," The spellcaster doesn't look pleased with all, her fingers are playing with her long braids as she sends daggers to the girl. " She looks like her mother," Evelyn sneers, jealousy rolling off her words like fire, " Yes, the resemblance is truly uncanny," I can't help a sly smile on my lips, good. I need Eve to get angrier at Elisa so that it directs to the princess. I scowl as my eyes land on the two idiots I couldn't stand in the gang. " Damnit," " What?" Eve asks. " That f*****g Castro and Roly are with her," " That doesn't matter, we will get rid of them along with her," The spellcaster sounds sure and I nod my head in agreement. " I'm not letting her be Queen," I declare. The rogues are mine, I should be the one to take over Tiberius' entire gang after his not so glorious demise, I smirk. I enjoyed watching him die at the hands of someone he loved most, gosh I loathed that man to the core. This empire was supposed to be my heritage before that mother f*****g man killed my father and took everything he was beginning to build. " Lucien, have you talked to the supremacist yet?" The supremacists are a group of skilled rogues who have their gang under them, the leaders are lethal and hold an important stature such as the selection of a new leader, each picked personally by the cold devil Tiberius. " Some. Others like Jeremiah are keen on making that little girl our queen because of her name and royal blood," I inform her, Tiberius was a deity and feared by every rogue out there. Now that he is in hell, fighting with my dear old daddy, his name means nothing and I'll make them see that. " Jeremiah needs to die," Hisses Eve, is there anyone she likes and wouldn't wish dead? However, I'm not worried about the supremacists, I will get rid of those who want to stay loyal to Tiberius' bloodline and blame the pack Alphas, it will fuel the others up to reject the princess and come to me for protection. We walk towards the exit but stop, " Is her gift ready?" I look at a smirking Eve. " Yes, sir,"    
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