Chapter One

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Cassandra pov " Mama," I hear the grumpy voice call but I clutch my eyes shut, my son is trying to wake me but I pretend to sleep. " Hmm," I push his little hands away and turn, but Kyle is not a quitter so he gets on top of me, trying to lift my eyelids. I snap my eyes open and narrow my gaze. " Boom," I quickly switch our position and press my lips against his belly as I make muffled sounds. " Mummy, stop," Kyle's giggles are echoing through the suite. Kyle is two years old, he is growing fast. The doctor says it's normal since he's not only an Alpha but a royal child as well. As he grows, he is getting more of Dylan's features like the nose, jet black hair, and his facial features except the eyes, those mine, blue. After playing with him, we finally get out of bed, I go to the kitchen to check what we have, ' No milk,' Beasty's voice echoes in my head. I groan, now we have to go downstairs. " Where's Dada?" I ask as I help him off the bed. " Work," Kyle says. Hmm, that was fast, I continue to walk downstairs and the workers I meet greet me graciously. Things have changed a lot, I'm an equal. " Luna," They bow. " Um, why do they do that?" Kyle seems curious, looking at the members whose necks are inclined. I turn to them and smile. " Good morning," and to my son, I say " Because Mummy is Dada's princess!" I kiss his cheek but he pushes me away, there comes another question. " Ooh, I didn't know. What... What about the crown like the movies Sofia watches?" " Well, it's a little complicated," I laugh, " Mummy, what is complicated?" I exhale and go downstairs as I explain the term. I put Kyle on the counter. " Now, what does my baby want to eat?" He gives me a cheeky smile and I already know what he's going to say, " Chocolate cake!" Kyle claps his hands happily. I shake my head. "нет ребенка, you had a piece last night," he frowns deeply as Dylan does, I realize the more Kyle grows, he has an uncanny resemblance of his father. "только один, мама," Just one mama, translation. He pouts in the cutest way, I put a hand on my chest, Kyle looks so adorable when he pouts but I firmly shake my head, "No, you are eating oats," After promising Kyle a piece of cake for dessert, his frown vanishes, My wolf and I exhale at the same time. ' Works every time,' ' like magic,' I inwardly squint my eyes, like magic? Hmm. " K, you're going to Nana's house today," " Yeh!" He raises his arms in excitement, I ruffle his hair and kiss it. " Eat," I run upstairs and put on skinny jeans, a tank top, and boots. An hour later, I drop him at his grandparent's house. As usual, the former Alpha and Luna can't have enough of him even though he breaks something different every day. ... Dylan is avoiding me lately, he doesn't want us to talk about me leaving the pack but he has to understand that it's something I must do! I don't know why he's being stubborn about this. I get my phone to call Dylan but he's not answering, I try his secretary at the company but she does not know his whereabouts either. I'm in the office at the packhouse, doing my work as always. I've approved this week's budget and sent an email to the bank. I take out my phone to video call the Michigan twins, they have been very helpful with the rogues. " How are things that side?" I ask, they are silent, communicating without words, now that the twins have dyed their hair red, one has to look closely to tell them apart. I clear my throat, getting their attention. " Girls, let's use words" They nod and start, " The supremacists are meeting in secrets to discuss the future." I squint my eyes, " Future?" " Yes, the rogues can't be without a leader, they will leave the town and start to roam," Missy explains. " Without proper authority or proper leadership, they will begin to wander and kill carelessly," Mira adds, Dad was able to tame them because he was a present leader but if they are left to wander the world, someone can use them again. " What are the supremacists whispering about?" I ask, " New leadership," They say in unison. " I'm here! Being queen is my birthright and heritage," I say strongly. " But you are the Dawn moon Luna," Missy says, they share a glance at each other then me. " I'm fully aware of the position I hold here but that doesn't mean I can't lead them," " The rogues are different from packs, first they have no anchor and can't be in the same place for a long time," They say at once, rogues don't have anyone to connect their wolves, that's what I'm trying to do. " Mira, should we tell her?" " Tell me what?" I narrow my gaze, just what is going on there, " A rumor," " What rumor?" I ask. " They say you killed your father for your mate's pack," " I did what I had to," I say defensively, I remind myself again, dad lost his way and reason, a lot of wolves would have died if I didn't kill him. Tiberius' death still haunts my dreams. I cry in my sleep every night, it's a good thing Dylan Is always there to comfort me. " We know, but Lucien is using that against you, and he has gained supporters too," I growl at the name, he wants to be the new rogue lord and turn them against me. " I know, we feel the same but Cassy just come here. It will be easier," Mira says patiently, I nod, I have a lot of plans for the rogues, good plans if only they give me a chance. " I'll talk to Dylan, for now..." They smile and say, " just keep an eye out and assure the rogues that you are on their side," " Thanks, girls," I send flying kisses to them, they have been so helpful. I sink into my seat and hit my forehead against the desk. " Damn, Lucien such a pain," I keep repeating my action until the door swings open. " Problem?" I exhale and nod. " The rogues are losing faith in me and might choose someone else to lead," I explain. " They can't, you are Siegel Tiberius' daughter," Tyler reminds me. " I know, I'm supposed to go there but Dy..." I stop mid-sentence, narrowing my gaze. " Tyler, where's your Alpha?" Dylan hasn't called me today, that's unlike him, Tyler scratches the back of his head and bites his lips, " I can't say, sorry," I furrow my eyebrows at him and use my luna command, " Tell me where Dylan is, now," Like a machine, he answers in his wolf's voice, " Training Arena, he's been there since five am," I smile and get up from my seat. " Thank you beta," I pat his shoulder as I walk past him. " I'm dead," I hear him mumble, I giggle and leave the packhouse. I don't go to the Arena first, I still need to check how the new bridge is coming up then I'm going to the Victoria secret store. I smile as a plan comes to my mind.
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