Chapter Two

965 Words
Dylan Pov Everything is going well in the pack, two-three years ago I found my mate and rejected her, it was the worst thing I've ever done in my life, and even up to now, I regret it. I don't think I'll ever atone for that, the pain I caused my Cassandra. I smile thinking about her, she is strong now and found her place in the pack, she is a loved Luna and everyone praises her. And as for me, I'm falling in love with her over and over again, my feelings towards her are indescribable, I'm like a mad man for that woman, my woman. After talking to Isabel on the phone, I call Lani, yesterday Cassandra went to the children's hospital with her and I was informed that she used her healing abilities to help the sick so I was worried it left her weak, but surprisingly, no. She's stronger than ever! Cassandra has been pushing herself too hard during training because of her father, she still blames herself for the war and wakes up in the night crying or panicking. I encouraged her to do therapy which she does once a week since she refuses to talk to me about it. And lately, she's adamant about going to the Rogues and it's out of the country, honestly, it's freaking me out! I don't want her far from me and I'm scared, honestly. Last she was far from me, she confessed to having been with another man, even now it makes my blood boil at the thought of her with another. ' your mate is coming,' Tyler's voice echoes through the mind link, ' oh f**k, I told you not to say a word!' I growl. ' she commanded me, bro,' I snarl, yes, she is one tough luna, " Dada, are you running away?" I slowly turn to my son and shake my head. Kyle is very observant and intelligent for his age. " No, I'm just going to the office," I lie, I'm running away from Cassy, I know she has to but I can't expose her to a bunch of rogues, I know she thinks it's her responsibility but it's too dangerous especially that I can't be there to guard her. " Hmm, " Kyle shrugs his shoulders and I turn to my father. " Why did you bring him here?" " Well, I came here to see Joshua," dad answers, I nod and escape the arena carefully. I sigh when I reach the office but jerk when I hear my mate's thoughts. ' I'll be waiting in bed for you,' her voice is alluring and seductive, Owen growls at the back of my mind. When I don't answer, my mate's sweet, melodically laugh resounds. ' I know you heard me,' I've been avoiding her the whole day today, ' Babe' I respond. She's silent, Cassandra breaks her silence by saying one thing I love to hear, " I love you, Dylan," she breaths, I smile. ' I love you,' ' I miss you, come home,' I swallow before answering, ' I'm coming,' After talking to my mate, I go straight to the border to patrol and when I'm done with my rounds there, I go to my suite and I take a long hot shower, my muscles were tense have now relaxed, I dry my hair with a towel then wear pants and when I come out to the bedroom, I freeze in my tracks, " Babe," I gulp, eyeing my mate. She's on our bed, in nothing but the most provocative lingerie I've ever seen. She has a smirk on her face as If she can read all the dirty thoughts going in my head. Oh, she can since we marked each other. "Like what you see?" I pretend to be uninterested and tease. " Yes, I've seen so much ..." I let my words trail, as I slip beside her. At this point Cassandra is heaving, her eyes are electric blue, screaming danger. The furniture in the room is vibrating and I know I shouldn't have said that when a vase not far from us breaks I kiss her lips even though she was unresponsive. " But nothing compares to you, Cassandra," Her mouth open and her fingers caress my cheeks, deepening the kiss. When she pulls away, she looks deep into my eyes and asks, " Alpha, do you want to die?" "if it's by your hands then even better?" Cassandra does not look happy at that remark. I smile and suck her throat, earning a moan from her. She pulls away from me. " I'm upset with you," she says. I inhale and suddenly tickle her, she's so ticklish. Cassy is squealing and thrashing under me until I hover over her, looking at her seriously... " Now, why are you trying to seduce me?" She smirks and rolls her eyes. " Baby, I don't need to seduce you to get you in bed with me," she whispers, I nod. " Can we talk later?" I whisper in her ear. Cassandra switches our position, so she's straddling me and takes off the lingerie. Damn, she's so f*****g hot! I caress her body softly, then abruptly switch our positions again, I pull away from her, admiring the beautiful goddess beneath me, she's blushing heavily and I crash my lips on her. Once I'm Inside her warm core, it's pure Bliss, we keep going and fighting for dominance until we reach our o****m. " I love you," I breathe heavily. " As do I," I kiss her. I scoot closer to her, I never want to part, I wish we can be molded as one but again we are one, so I'm happy. We fall asleep happily.
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