Chapter 1 - A Wedding To Crash

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K I L L I A N + + I lacked nothing in life. Money piled at my feet, women around the corner if needed, and men hurried to please me all because of my title as the ruthless Alpha. Since the late medieval era, werewolves have lurked amongst men, slowly seizing power, and soo, even the modern era was filled with aristocratic titles. Werewolves dominated the population, taking positions in the government, business world, and anything one could possibly think. Standing at the top of the pyramid was none other than a man stuck doing paperwork. My brow twitched as my secretary gently placed another stack of papers beside me. My fingers itched to grab him by the neck. Where were my i***t younger brothers? They’d appreciate this nonsense more than me. “My schedule after this, Theo?” I growled. By now, the documents on my desk could’ve caused deforestation all thanks to him truly, Theo. “A wedding,” Theo deadpanned in a humorless tone. Now, I was intrigued. Thank god there was a distraction for the pack councilmen eager to find me a wife. Condolences to the groom, though, not from me. “Sucks to be him,” I muttered whilst scribbling notes on the mistakes presented in the report. I had enough on my plate, but was never too busy to squash the bugs that wriggled their way into my pack and company. Accounting was as simple as addition and subtraction, yet these idiots the elder councilmen sent to spy on me couldn’t do what a kindergartener could solve in their sleep. “Theo, I want this one fired,” I gritted out, throwing the pen down onto the name. “Done,” Theo effortlessly responded in a dry tone. He glanced and saw which nepotism baby was being kicked out the door today. This was the tenth one of the day and it was only 10 am. I was always an expert at weeding out spies through physical and psychological methods. “Back to the wedding?” Theo insisted. I held back a grunt of irritation. I leaned back in his seat and saw Theo’s exhausted expression. Resisting the urge to tease the man who hadn’t been laid for days, my attention flew to the skyscrapers outside of his window. They all appeared like toothpicks in comparison to my building that loomed over all of them. “A wedding?” a voice chirped the second he strolled through my doors without knocking. His happy-go-lucky nature almost made me question his sexuality, especially with that happy-go-lucky skip of his. I wanted to break his legs. He was too happy for someone that was supposed to be doing the paperwork in front of me. “Which unfortunate lad was captured by the elder councilmen today and shipped off to his own wedding?” I demanded. Happy-Go-Lucky picked up an ivory wedding invitation. “Stop touching things that aren’t yours, Chester,” I scolded my younger brother, whose fingers were always stuck with two things: someone else’s business and the other… bodily fluids. Red, not white. Suddenly, Chester let out a snicker enough to rival hyenas. “Whose wedding?” I muttered as I shifted through the paper. “Yours,” Theo said. F*ck. “You’re telling me I’m the unfortunate bastard?” I growled, causing Theo to flinch in fear. Theo bowed his head and reluctantly nodded, a reaction I was all too familiar with. There was not a single person in this world who didn’t submit to me. Not even the werewolf King could touch me, lest he wanted to lose a hand, and I’d be more than glad to do it for him. “Yes,” Theo reluctantly responded. “Congratulations, Alpha, you’ve been captured and heading off to your wedding…” he glanced at his watch. “Nine hours.” I rose, just as Chester clicked his tongue in disbelief. I shot him an irritated glare, eager to wipe the humored smile off his face. Only this puppy had the audacity to be amused at a time like this. “Chances of crashing it?” I demanded. Theo pretended to glance down at his tablet and then at Chester. Then, Theo faked some math and showed the big fat— “Zero,” Chester deadpanned. I shot him an incredulous glower as if I couldn’t read it myself. “Add a decimal and a 1," I responded. "1.0?" Chester asked. Theo and I glanced at Chester in silence. All these years at Harvard were wasted just like that. “Would it be possible to crash the wedding with a 0.1% chance?” Theo asked. “As we speak, the councilmen have sent their people and are already infiltrating this building to capture you. It'd be impossible to cancel this wedding, all the invites are sent out, paparazzi have already arrived, and the other Alphas are heading towards the venue.” “By now, the intruders are here in... 3, 2, 1." On cue, I released a wave of pheromones into the air. I slid my palms into my pockets in time to hear the thudding footsteps outside. I straightened, my shoulders squared, and my glower thunderous toward the door. “God, you stink,” Chester joked, but barely able to cover his mouth without passing out. He gripped the edges of my desk as Theo flinched, my presence as deadly as the toxins in the air. There was a reason I controlled the largest pack in the world. Just being near me could mean a swift death. Even Theo, who had grown up by my side, felt a shudder down his spine. No one could survive in my presence if I so much as glanced in their direction. My pheromones were difficult to escape since it was literally in the air. Anyone in my path would drop like flies, because pheromones worked like scents, except mine was odorless and toxic as tear gas. “Cover your nose,” I muttered, though it was no use and I tended to be that way. Chester had been too off-guard lately. Theo, on the other hand, didn’t need to be told twice. The words echoed in his mind and he knew the link was turned on. Every man and woman from Thornov Pack heard the command, for the Alpha was in control. Theo held his breath, but it was still impossible. Not even a gas mask can hide my freighting pheromones that are released straight into the air, worse than the torturous tear gas. “Ugh!” “Argh!” The intruders attempted to scream, but it was useless. Fools, all of them. They plopped on the floor one by one, and I could just picture their bodies. Pale faces, red veins going up their throats, it’d be a scene straight out of a horror movie. My favorite kind of image. Theo’s knees wobbled and he nearly dropped dead on the spot. He heard choked sounds from outside, most likely from the fools that dared to step into the devil’s den. Within seconds, the commotions ceased to exist, followed by dropping corpses. Dead. As all things should be. If anyone was going to take me to my unknown wedding, it’d sure as hell not be some random f*ckers sent to kidnap me. “Where’s the wedding hall?” I mused, already knowing the elderly councilmen would be present and eager to see my handsome face. Why not make their night and show up in a tuxedo too? Just to fool their senile brains. “By the largest wedding venue the city has to offer,” Theo squeezed out. He let out an awkward cough to see Chester gasping for air, heaving like he had run a marathon. “The one I own?” I deadpanned. Technically, it belonged to my father, but he was no longer here to complain—something that I’ve always regretted not killing with my bare hands. “Yes,” Theo said. “They were shameless.” “When are they not?” I scoffed. I reached under my desk, pressed a button, and watched as the walls around his minimalist office turned to reveal tens of assault weapons. I used the mind link to summon my men inside. A few minutes passed and Thornov werewolves in black stormed my office. “At attention, Alpha!” they shouted, saluting and straightening in my presence. Their expressions were blank, their clothes black as night, and their eyes aloof as trained. I slowly turned, no doubt with a murderous expression on my face. A cold sweat trickled down Theo’s forehead when his gaze briefly met my malicious ones. “Grab a gun,” I sneered. “We have a wedding to crash.” “Whose wedding, Alpha?” My lips spread into a slow and sinister smirk. “Mine.”
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