Chapter 184: The Emergence of HE

1208 Words

Wesley grabbed Doris by the shoulders and shook her. "If you didn't poison Helen," he shouted, "then prove it!" "Okay!" Doris cried. "And if I cannot, then I will apologize. There. Are you happy?" Westley: "I am. But how will you prove it?" Doris: "By reviewing all of the security footage." Westley nodded to Vic and said, "Make it so." Vic wasn't gone long, and when he returned, he had an unhappy expression on his face. He looked at Westley and said, "I'm sorry, sir, but for various reasons, certain rooms – such as the servants' quarters – cannot be displayed…" "What a coincidence!" Doris sneered. "Don't you think it's strange that these monitors cannot be displayed at the moment when we most need them?" Westley: "No surveillance equals no evidence. So, why don't you just apologi

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