Chapter 183: Vitamin C, Cinnamon, Dong Quai, and Parsley

1398 Words

Once the doctor was done treating Helen's bodyguard, he took out a paper from his briefcase. Then he turned to Westley, gave him the report, and said, "I have the results from your blood tests. Everything is normal." Wesley took the paper, gave it a cursory glance, crumpled it up, and threw it away without even saying thank you. Doris wanted to say something about that, but she thought better of it and changed the subject instead. She said, "Since you know who the snitch is, would you like to check on Helen and Elma?" Westley shook his head and said, "No." Doris: "But the child is innocent, and Elma wasn't the rat!" Wesley frowned. Even though he owed Helen something, he was bound to visit her. He didn't need Doris nagging him, and her persistence made him wonder – Why is she being

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