Chapter 182: The Punishments Continue

1332 Words

Elma's eyes bulged. She was horrified by Westley's words. "No!" she shrieked. She hadn't expected him to be so cruel. She was an experienced, loyal servant of the Bush family, so she had thought that her punishment would light. But, apparently, she had been wrong. Helen was as shocked as her nanny was, and not knowing what else to do, she dropped to her knees and began to beg for mercy for her nanny. "Wesley," she cried. "Please show mercy. I promise that this will not happen again!" "Get up!" Wesley ordered. He hated to see a woman crying. "And from now on, you might want to watch what you say. The baby protects you for now, but you won't be pregnant forever. Keep it up, and you will get the same. Eventually." As he spoke, he nodded to Vic, and the guard dragged Elma to a standing posi

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