Chapter 181: The Fast Begins

1090 Words

Westley's brow furrowed. He looked at Doris and said, "How is it that you're afraid of me, but you weren't afraid of the old Gates? He had a gun pointed at your head, but you didn't even blink! I don't even know if that was bravery or stupidity!" Doris gave him an innocent look, smiled, and said, "Didn't I have you beside me?" Naturally, Wesley didn't know why Doris was smiling or what she was talking about. He knitted his eyebrows and complained: "Be serious!" "I am being serious," Doris said. "If you weren't there with me, I would have ignored him and said nothing." Westley's face lit up when he heard that. "You see!" he exclaimed. "You need me. Life would be impossible for you if I weren't by your side, so you had better stick by my side!" To some extent, Doris thought that West

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